If This Picture Pushed You Over the Edge, You’ve Fallen For A Narrative

Egged Trump Supporter at Protest

Do you remember that one pro-Trump lady that got cornered and egged by anti-Trump protestors back in June?

Well, her legacy lives on.

She has become the cornerstone of a narrative for many right-wingers. The believers of this narrative aren’t solely pro-Trumpers; some are anti-Trump, or still on the fence.

Personally, I had forgotten this incident. That is, until someone confessed how important this lady was to her view of the election season.

According to her, it pushed her “over the edge.” She “can’t sit out and let the criminals, degenerates, parasites, and all-around defects have the final say for what happens” to the country.

Simply put, she’s crafted a narrative of this election. And this victim is at the center of it.

The funny party is that the victim is barely that. The lady got egged because she was taunting protestors, and walked into the crowd. She isn’t innocent, she’s just an easy focus of the pro-Trump narrative.

As I’ve said before, narratives are dangerous to us political junkies. But it needs to be said again (with some never before seen thoughts!).

Let’s Break Down This Lady’s Narrative

Here’s her first tweet

“Everyone has their own reason for voting or not voting. I was sitting out myself. This one pic changed everything.”

Second one

“I understand the [people] who don’t like the shape of the new GOP. As a conservative, I’m not a fan either. But this pic pushed me over the edge.”

And third one

“I can’t sit out and let the criminals, degenerates, parasites, and all-around defects have the final say for what happens in his country.”

Now, here’s the breakdown…

  • This narrative rests on one incident, one picture. It definitely has some secondary information and views bolstering it up, but the picture was the trigger for her.
  • This picture represents the malicious forces that she assumes are perverting and taking over the country.
  • Her narrative (like all effective narratives) is one sided. She doesn’t like the influence Trump is exerting over the GOP, but she fears “the other side” more. It’s a classic “us” vs “them” dichotomy.
  • Her reasons are wholly emotional. The picture of the egged lady (the helpless victim), coupled with the attitude of the protestors (the degenerate oppressors) creates a great victim story.
  • This incident created a feeling of righteous-anger in her, and that feeling drives her understanding of the election.

The Problems with Her Narrative

As I’ve said in a past article on the narrative fallacy

“Emotions are incredibly powerful, and we all fall prey to them. We let the narrative of our party turn a blind eye to bad habits in the party.”

This lady is no exception to that statement. The biggest problem with her narrative is the blind eye she has to her own party’s indecent behavior.

Trump’s campaign rallies and his supporters have a long history of physical assaults, as evidenced by this, this and this. The altercations range from sucker-punching, to pepper spray, to insults.

The point is that both sides have participated in violence. Neither side is better.

Another problem with narrative is the generalizing and projecting. She’s projected these protestors onto the image of the left and anti-Trump forces, most of which aren’t violent. She’s generalized the incident as part of a bigger problem, not the one incident that it is.

Her narrative says that these violent anti-Trump protestors are a sign of a larger problem with the left. She doesn’t believe her side is 100% innocent or right, but she believes her side is drastically better than “the other side.” Both sides participate in violence, but only one side encourages it, according to her.

Her narrative has blinded her.

Egged Trump Supporter at Protest

This Election is Ripe with Narratives (It’s the Fuel Behind Trump’s Campaign)

Unfortunately, her narrative isn’t the only or biggest one this election season.

Trump is a master of narratives. He’s recognized the concerns of his target audience, created a story that was attractive to them, and then bolstered it with “evidence.”

The main narrative behind his campaign is that America needs to be remade into the great country that it once was. He pushes the idea that bad trade policies, immigration, the establishment, and the media have led to America’s subpar standing in the world.

Trump connects with the fears of many Americans who believe the country is being led down the wrong path. He also gives many of those same Americans, who’ve felt ignored and ostracized, a voice.

Pictures of republicans getting attacked by leftist protestors (many of which are minorities, again playing into Trump’s immigration phobia) only fuel the story he pushes. There are forces out there trying to dismantle America, and they have no regard for civility, life, or American values.

The irony, is that Trump’s narrative has pushed some Americans to participate in the same tactics that they blame the left for doing.

In a past article, I mentioned how

“Stories like those pervert the reality of the issue. It’s what’s called a narrative script: these are stories that backup your views and opinions. They give you permission to feel the way you do about a particular issue. They’re inherently emotional.”

You can only get so emotionally charged before you do something stupid. The scary party is that you’ll use the narrative as justification for what you did. It’s why Trump rallies are volatile areas for Trump and anti-Trump forces alike.

Get enough fear, righteous-anger, and emotion together and you’ll have party.

It doesn’t matter which side does it more, that’s the narrative talking. Both sides are guilty of these tactics; they feed off of each other.

What’s important is to not fall for the story they tell you.

Don’t let the message take control.

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