Will You Be A Puppet?

Puppet Show

I hate it when this happens.

I hate it so much.

I hate it with all my being.

Imagine yourself graduating from college. You’ve succeeded, you’ve gotten good grades, you’ve educated yourself.

You did it.

After the ceremony ends and you pick up your graduation cap, you go about the difficult task of finding a vocation.

You want something with purpose, with merit.

You want to make a difference no matter how small.

And you find it.

You get into an organization that’s making a difference. You’re so excited.

The life is literally pumping through your veins. “This is it,” you say, “This is my time to shine, to change someone’s life.”

You get the job.

You work your ass off.

You share your ideas in board meetings. You meet fellow coworkers. You talk to the boss.

It’s all coming along quite nicely. Inspiration, creativity and passion are your daily muses.

This is your work.

But eventually screw ups happen. You didn’t screw up, someone else did.

Maybe you found out part of the organization was supporting a sketchy cause. Maybe a few coworkers got away with something dishonest. Maybe your boss said or did a few things that weren’t becoming of his position.

Whatever the screw up was, you found out about it.

And you voiced your opinion about it. Because that’s what you do. You have opinions (sometimes strong ones) on different issues.

You don’t always speak up.

Sometimes you keep your mouth closed because it wouldn’t help. But not this time.

This time you knew you had something valuable to say.

So…you say it.

You say it with no shame, no fear, no trouble.

And why should you?

You haven’t in the past.

It’s all gone smoothly…

Except for today.

Today, your boss had “a chat” with you.

“I didn’t appreciate what you had to say.”

“You could’ve said it better. You could’ve put it nicer.”

“You embarrassed me. You embarrassed the company.”

“We brought you on for this position and you say this about us after all that?”

“I’m sorry, but either you recant what you said or…I’ll have to let you go.”



All it took was a day for you to be at a crossroad.

A crossroad between being a puppet and being true to yourself.

In the political world, it’s hard to stand up for yourself. It’s especially hard in the work environment, or any environment where you’re in a hierarchy.

Why can’t your boss accept the fact that your views are different?

Why can’t your church members understand that you don’t hold to their view of what a Biblical government looks like?

Why can’t your friends accept you for who you are, not what your political views are?

It drives me insane. It drives me mad to hear of men and women who have to choose between standing up and keeping their position, friends, church, or social acceptance.

To some people, being a “team player” means shutting up when they want you to.

Well, guess what…I call bull on that.

How insecure do you have to be to kick someone out over their views?

All in the name of saving face.

So what do you do? Do you suck it up (as one of your “friends” would say) and be a “team player?”

Or, do you stick to your principles? Do you refuse to lower yourself to the level of a puppet?

Because that’s what it comes down to.

Will you surrender yourself as a puppet to your…boss, professor, friend, parent, pastor, church, senator, school, coach, superior…to save yourself?

When the tough gets going do you give into the mob? Do you give into peer pressure? (Click to Tweet) Do you give into the threat of “X, Y, or Z”?

You better make the choice soon, because a day will come where you’ll be up against a wall.

You’ll be trapped between submitting to “the team” and standing up for what you believe.

Granted, the likelihood of you running into a weighty situation is small. But you’ll definitely have mini situations where you have to make a decision.

It might feel trivial, but is it?

Each “trivial” situation is a building block leading up to the final choice.

The final choice being…

Being a puppet (which means staying alive, being accepted, being loved), and being FREE (which means pain, dejection, rejection, persecution).

It’s like those “little” sins that eventually end in murder or adultery (or both if you’re particularly unlucky).

You’ll face the apex of choice. And the choice you make will be affected by the decisions of the past.

Did you take the path of least resistance? Did you lower yourself to the life of a puppet?

Or, did you take a stand, and say “There’s no way in hell I’m doing that!”

“I won’t back down to fit in. I won’t march to your beat like a mindless robot.” (click to tweet)

It’s a choice that matters. It’s a choice that decides how you’ll live your life.

So…what’s your choice?

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