Why I’m For Hobby Lobby

Everyone Has the Right

Ok, it’s time to lay down the law… metaphorically speaking.

I’ve already said a few things about the Hobby Lobby case here. And, it turns out I beat the Mises Institute to the punch about the Hobby Lobby case being about private property.

But, that’s not what I came here to say…

I’m here to say that you need to stand up for Hobby Lobby.

I don’t care if you’re a conservative, libertarian, democrat, feminist, or liberal.

If you don’t stand up for Hobby Lobby, you can put your name in the box labeled “tyrant.”

Not trying to sound cheesy (or French Revolution-ish) here by using the word “tyrant.”

But you’ve got a choice to make…

Are you going to support an individual’s right to choose?

Whether you like it or not, the Hobby Lobby case was about choice.

“But companies don’t have rights! They’re not individuals.”

You’re so right. Companies are not people. But, they are owned by people. People just like you and me. People who make decisions, who deal with problems, who worry about the same things you and I do.

That fact is what makes this case important.

You say Hobby Lobby is violating a woman’s right to choose.

What about the person on the other side of your pitchfork? You know, the one you’re about to tar and feather for the glory of your one sided revolution.

It’s all in the name of feminism, you say. Well, guess what… if feminism is about robbing Peter to make Paul feel better about himself, then you can have your feminism. I’ll stick with my freedom.

Women shouldn’t be dismissed. I totally agree. But, bullying people to prove it makes you as bad as the misogynistic males you attack.

I’ll repeat this as long as I can say it…

You cannot be for “equality” while simultaneously kicking another human being to the ground. (Click to Tweet)

In other words, either everyone has the right to “choose”, or no one has the right to choose.

Right to Choose

That’s when you know you have tyranny. A tyranny of the minority (feminism), or a tyranny of the majority (patriarchy).

The Hobby Lobby case showed this brilliantly. This is about private property. It’s about the right to choose your own life.

No bureaucrat, politician, or frickin’ judge has the right to tell you otherwise.

As Ryan McMaken, on the Mises Institute wrote,

To object to this is to argue that it is right and moral for the state to use violence or the threat of violence to force employers to provide only certain types of state-approved compensation to employees.

Saying Hobby Lobby should provide something against their will is to say that individuals have no “right to choice.”

Choice is everything. Freedom is nothing without choice. Heck, freedom is choice. Freedom is the ability to choose your own life. (Click to Tweet)

Tyranny on the other hand, is the constriction of freedom by individuals through the government.

Like a snake that wraps itself around its prey, slowly squeezing the life out of it, individuals will use the government to slowly squeeze the Freedom of Choice out of your life.

That’s why I support Hobby Lobby.

If one individual is squeezed to the point of death by government control freaks, then we are all at risk.

Feminists are at risk. Atheists are at risk. Conservatives are at risk. Anyone and everyone who believes in something and wants to live their life is at risk.

If you’re a robot, you’re fine. But, if you’re a human being who enjoys living their life, you should be filled with anger whenever someone tries to take that away from another person.

Like I’ve said before, this isn’t a matter of religion. It’s matter of Freedom for all. (Click to Tweet)

Your self-entitlement, bigoted feelings, and self-righteousness can be left at the door.

So, have you made a decision? Are you going to stand for everyone’s freedom, or just your own? If you’ve decided to fight for “freedom for all” please join me on my newsletter (you can sign up below or here). If you decided against individual freedom, you can leave.

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