Who’s Worth the Effort, & Who’s Not?

who's worth the effort

Political outreach is hard, and for good reason.

Most people down right suck at realizing you just want to talk.

You don’t want to fight, argue, cuss, judge, or get overly passionate. You just want to talk about why they believe the way they do.

And frankly, it’s difficult. It’s hard to have that discussion without it going south.

You know what’s also hard?

Finding the right people to focus your outreach on.

Trust me, I’ve been there. And I bet you have too, otherwise, why would you be reading this (or reading what I’ve had to say for so long).

You and me, we’re both in the business of outreach. I’ve explained what I mean by outreach before (you can read here, here, and here), but I’ve never gone over the more detailed side of things…

Those details being, who’s worth focusing your efforts on, and who’s never going to change.

Let’s start with this caveat first…

You Can’t Save Everyone

It’s true. I’m not lying.

You. Cannot. Save. Everyone.

You can’t save everyone from the grips of liberalism. For some people, that ship has sailed. They’re already too sick… They’ve become a zombie.

Some people think on another realm of reality. Their earth looks much differently from yours and mine. You know what I mean (and you’ve probably met a few).

In the realm of political evangelism, there’s some people that have gone too far off the cliff for you to rope back in.

Political Evangelism Works When You Have These Three Things…

I’ve talked about what you need, but I haven’t mentioned what they need.

“They” being the recipient of your outreach.

For your outreach to work, your “target” needs three things

  • An open mind
  • Some form of acceptance that people who disagree with them aren’t evil sickos (i.e. tolerance)
  • A willingness to talk

That’s really all you need.

Yes, maturity helps. Yes, where they are on the political spectrum helps too. Yes, age has a factor in it.

But, in the grand scheme of things, those three factors are what make a difference.

Who Can You Save?

People who enjoy a good discussion with those who disagree with them.

People who aren’t extreme in their political beliefs. Some of us call them “moderates.”

People who are “politically apathetic.” They’ve left politics for some reason, they’re ignorant of how things work, they’re looking for guidance.

People who are open to new ideas, new ways of thinking.

People who don’t take every opportunity to mock you and others who disagree with them.

Who’s Not Worth the Effort?

People who can’t see past political differences. Yes, you can be friends and disagree on the role of government welfare.

People who think their worldview makes them morally superior to others.

People who are arrogant.

People who attack you at every turn for what you believe.

People who can’t have a simple discussion.


So, why is it important to differentiate between those you can save, and those you can’t?

You don’t want to waste your time, right?

Trying to evangelize to the wrong people saps your time. They’re high maintenance. You’ll be wasting your time trying to reach them.

It’ll eventually start to wear out your patience, passion, and faith in the process.

Trust me, I’ve come across my fair share of ignorant, intolerant liberals, libertarians, and neo-socialists. They only care if you agree with them 100%.

If you don’t, then you’re 100% a part of the problem.

That’s not how I do things. And I’m sure that’s not how you do it either.

If we’re going to reach people for freedom, then we need to ignore the grumpy troll people.

Forget them. They’re not worth the effort.

Your mom, your neighbor next door, your coworker who likes chatting with you around the water cooler, these are the people you should be focusing on. Not the grumpy dwarfs of the world.

Grumpy doesn’t like you anyway, and he doesn’t want to like you. That’s who Grumpy is…

Grumpy Doesn't Like You

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