Who’s Co-Opting Brexit For Their Own Cause?

Britain voted to leave the European Union, Thursday 23 June.

With a majority of 52%, vs 48% for remaining, and a voter turnout of 78%, it’s the UK’s highest turnout since the 1992 general election.

The decision isn’t final. It will have to go through the Parliament and official EU channels. The UK has to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (something the leadership has to do), which will set in motion the formal legal process and give the UK two years to leave the EU.

Now that the first chapter of Brexit is done, the festivities have commenced. And by “festivities,” I mean the downpour of claims that Brexit is a message to “X,” from “Y,” about “Z.”

As is always the case with big issues like this, all ideologies, movements, and political parties come out of the woodwork claiming the decision as a win for their group.

Nothing can be more amusing than watching the tussle.

Forget that is a uniquely UK-ish issue with their own complexities and national problems and history. Why not just claim a win for your group? Get some historical backing to prove you were right the whole time?

For the benefit of all of those amused by this ideological struggle, here is a list of all the powers at play fighting for a piece of the Brexit-History pie. This isn’t comprehensive so please leave suggestions in the comment section if I forgot anyone.

All The Ideologies, Movements, & Political Parties Clamoring for Brexit Approval


  •  Donald Trump: no one should be surprised by this. Trump would attach his name to a steak if it ment he could get more media attention…oh wait.
  • Nationalists: apparently exiting a contintental union makes one a nationalist. Plus, these guys need a win in their lives.
  • Gun Totting Texans: this is a 24/7 issue for them. No surprise.
  • Traditionalists, agorists, and everyone else who has a problem with progress: look past Brexit and you can find dozens upon dozens of British things they’d hate and abhore. Again, another group who needs a win in their life.
  • Anglophiles: weird white people who are hipsters but not really and read a lot of unknown literature…yeah they need a win in their life too.
  • “The South Will Rise Again” Southerners who have yet to get Alzheimers so they’ll forget all about the civil war and Atlanta burning: if anyone needs a win in their life the most it’s these guys. First their sucession gets shot down, then they lose their slaves, then they have to treat black people like humans and take down their racists flags…ouch.
  • Any and everyone who has a beef with Obama: Britain isn’t flipping off Obama. If anything they’re farther left than him.
  • EU haters: understood
  • Conspiracy theorists: no, just no.
  • Putin: creepy, but not surprising.
  • American Revolution nerds: they do love their history, and memes.
  • Secessionists: this is a wet dream for them.
  • Anti-Immigration advocates: pretty sure Brexit was more than that, but whatever.
  • Anti-Immigration racists: aaaannnnnddddd, get out.

Again, if I forget anyone let me know and I’ll put it in.

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