Whither the Boy Scouts?

On May 23, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay members into its organization, which means that Scout troops are now open for gays to join. Which is not something Scouters are looking forward too.

You might not believe that the vast majority of Boy Scouts are against openly allowing gays to join, but the facts are clear. Over 61% of Scouts and parents are against the “homosexualition of Boy Scouts.” And over 70% of “U.S. Scout groups [are] sponsored by churches and religious organizations.”

The facts are clear. The vast majority of Scouts don’t want this. And shouldn’t you ask how many gays want this as well? Seriously? How many gays are out there dying to get into Scouting? Is there a demand for gays to enter Scouting? Are they feeling the call of the wild?

So far, I have not found any evidence to back up the claim that there’s a demand on the part of gays to enter scouting. But I could be wrong. That does happen sometimes. But what I’m not wrong about is how political this whole debate has been. AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson is one of the major figures that turned this issue into one of politics and money.

Stephenson, who is said to be positioned to become the BSA executive board’s chairman next year, has been praised along with Ernst & Young CEO James Turley for publicly opposing the Scouts’ membership policy and vowing to work from within to change it.

And change it from within he has. But that change will likely be a switch from prosperity to a descent into trivialness for the BSA. Will the Boys Scouts of America continue to survive despite this history changing decision? Or will this mark the end of the BSA?

Here are some points you might want to consider before you make up your own mind on the subject of the BSA’s survival.


1. Religion is a big part of the Boy Scouts of America

Regardless of whether you like it or not, religion has a substantial presence in the Scouting life. The Scout Law exhibits this plainly with the words “A Scout is Reverent.” But it’s also visible in the awards a Scout can earn in the confines of his religious group or domination.

The two most common awards are the “God and Church” and “God and Life” awards. Which include requirements to daily read the Bible, “Memorize a creed or statement of belief or scripture,” and volunteer in your church. It’s obvious in even the most superficial examination that religion plays a major role in Scouts.


2. Over 70% of Scout Troops are sponsored by religious organizations

You already know that religion is a substantial part of Boy Scouts. So it makes sense that religious groups would make up the bulk of those who charter Scout troops. With this in mind, think about the stance that these religious charter organizations are going to have in light of BSA’s decision to openly allow gays into the group. It’s not going to be a stance of indifference.

Most religious groups are ardently against homosexuality and will not welcome the idea of supporting an organization that openly backs the gay agenda. These religious groups will pull their support from the Scout troops they charter. Leaving hundreds of troops to disappear or find new charters.


3. The vast majority of Scouts and their families are against the Gay Amendment

Just like the religious groups who will be pulling their support, quite a few Scout families will leave too. Many of these families belong to a religious group, and the realization that gays can now openly join Boy Scout troops is not something that they are fond of.

And how can you blame them? Gay boys camping, hiking, and sometimes showering with their children is not a pleasant thought. But the greater issue for many Scouting families is that having their kids in an organization that supports the gay agenda conflicts with their beliefs. Which is a legitimate reason.


4. The New Amendment will open individual troops and Churches to law suits

The tragedy is that the 2000 U.S. Supreme Court decision protecting the BSA’s original policy is now moot. With the policy change, churches and other faith-based organizations—which make up 70 percent of BSA sponsorship—are put directly in the line of fire.

There’s no doubt that Churches will be carefully deciding whether to keep on supporting their respective BSA troops or ditch them. But their decision could be dangerous depending on if their particular state has laws “offering a special class of protection for same sex orientation and conduct.”

And for those Boy Scout Troops who are not welcoming of potential new gay scouts, it could lead to lawsuits. If a troop refuses to allow an openly gay scout into its group they could face lawsuits, not only from the gay individual and his family, but also from the gay community at large. Which could be crippling to many troops who don’t want to leave BSA, but also don’t want to allow gays into their group.


The Boy Scouts of America opened themselves up to a huge decline in membership because of this new amendment. They let money dictate their decisions. Which will probably end up being the death of them. And what’s next for the Boy Scouts? Let transgender scouters and gay scout leaders in too? Because that’s where they headed. The BSA has opened up the flood gates.

And instead of trying to avoid the issue of sexuality they have made it the main vocal point of the entire organization. The issue has been brought to the foreground of the Boy Scouts and that has alienated a large majority of their members, and even those outside of the organization.

When the Canadian Scouts opened up their gates to gays, the organization saw a significant decline in their membership and support. It’s likely that the same will happen here…

Only time will tell how fast it will happen.

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