VIDEO: How To Craft A Message

The first official video of my new YouTube series.

This week’s it’s on how to craft the right message. You can use this to relate ideas and policies to others, and address issues effectively.

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crafting the right message

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  • Ironsides

    While I think you’re correct that fear is at the root of most illogical opposition, it’s been my experience that uncovering that fear and making the person aware of it is far more difficult than just asking “what are you afraid of” or something similar. In fact, I would avoid that question altogether as it is likely to put the person into a defensive posture.

    Asking the right questions and skillfully planting seeds of reason is something that takes years of study and practice. The key to changing a person’s belief is in artfully guiding them along a path of reason that doesn’t logically corner them, but rather makes them believe they arrived at this new conclusion on their own; that it was their superior intellect responsible for the formation of this new opinion. If they feel like it’s their idea, then they’re already sold. At that point, you, as the teacher, then assume the role of a student, asking them questions about their position. As they explain their point of view, they reinforce the line of reasoning which led them to their conclusion.

    Typically, this conversion is successful only after many failed attempts over the course of months, even years.

    • You’re right. I wouldn’t recommend asking them what they fear, that’s for you to figure out through effective reasoning and questions.

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