Using Liberal Logic Against Them

women should own guns

It amazes me that a political group so entrenched in helping the “little guy” is so against gun ownership.

We all know Liberals aren’t against rape victims, women, poor people, and gays. Yet, they deprive them of the one thing that could guarantee their safety.

In ghettos and poor sectors of cities, owning a gun is the difference between being a victim of gang violence and protecting your family.

For women, the right to carry gives them the power to take out rapists and abusers.

For gays, it gives them comfort and security against those who would want to harm them.

Why liberals would want to limit these individuals from protecting themselves is beyond me.

I mean, they’re for helping people too, right?

That’s one of the main reasons why libertarians and conservatives support the right to own a gun.

People have a right to protect themselves. People have a need to protect themselves against those who would harm them. People want to feel secure.

And, to be honest, I’d rather own a gun than wait for the cops to show up. No disrespect to our police officers. But, as a Boy Scout, I was taught to always be prepared.

So liberals don’t support gun ownership. Well, that’s problematic, because last time I checked they supported the right to life.

It’s a messed up version of “right to life,” but that very messed-up-ness is the loophole you need to make liberals think.

What Does “Right to Life” mean to Liberals?

To put it simply, it means they have a right to stay alive.

To you and me, right to life means no individual can harm you. You own your life, no one else has a right to your life.

No one has a right to take that life from you.

To liberals (and please correct me if I’m wrong. Leave it in the comments below), a right to life means you have a right to stay alive, and stay healthy.

That means, food, water, and healthcare are rights. You need them to live, therefore you have a right to them regardless of other people.

I’m not going to tell you why that version of “right to life” is wrong. I’ll let you think on that, and figure it out for yourself.
Optional Homework: for all my libertarian and conservative friends here’s some homework for you. Think about the liberal’s version of right to life. Once you’ve figured out why it’s wrong, email me (if you’re an Informer) or leave a comment with your reason why.

The Right to Stay Alive

So, liberals think you have the right to stay alive. That means people who provide food, water and healthcare are required to give them to you.

Whatever you need to stay alive, you have a right to it, according to them.

Guns Keep You Alive

Granted, they also kill you, but that’s irrelevant.

Guns not only reduce crime levels, they protect the average person from violence.

What if a burglar invades your home? He’ll steal from you, and if you put up a fight (to protect you and your family) he’ll harm you.

Having a gun (that you know how to use) keeps you from ending up in the hospital (or worse) for defending your family.

For women, guns are a great way of keeping them alive, protected, and free from abuse.

Guns literally keep women alive by giving them a means to defend themselves against rapists.

I Need This to Stay Alive

A liberal’s definition of right to life includes everything that you need to stay alive.

Guns protect you from those who would want to hurt you. Guns protect your life. They protect you against anyone who would want to harm you.

Yet, liberals fight tooth and nail against the right to own a gun. Why?

I’m Confused

I’m seriously confused on this. Why do liberals fight against gun ownership when it’s been proven to reduce crimes against women and crimes in general?

Now, don’t say, “Because the left want’s to disarm you.” The average left leaning American doesn’t want to make you vulnerable to tyrannical oppression. Maybe the leaders want to, but the rank and file liberal doesn’t want to.

That’s not their goal.

So what’s their goal by banning guns?

Protect people? That makes sense, but that only takes us so far. Liberals want people to be safe, they want them to live comfy lives. Somehow, guns have been painted as “anti-comfy-living.”

If you have a gun, you’re obviously not sane, calm, mentally sound, and all that jazz.

Are former rape victims not mentally sound because they own a gun? Absolutely not. They own a gun because they’ve been through hell and never want to go back.

Rape victims own guns because they’ve been through hell and they don’t want to go back. (click to tweet)

The same is for almost every American who owns a gun. They don’t want to go through hell. The hell of being beaten in your own home by a burglar. The hell of being raped. The hell of having your family snatched away from you by a gang.

I’m not confused why Americans want to own guns. I’m confused why liberals won’t let them.


You know, this issue reminds me of a song by Tears for Fears called, “Woman in Chains.”

In the song, this one set of lyrics stands out to me…

It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps Woman in Chains
Trades her soul as skin and bones
Sells the only thing she owns

I think a lot of liberals would connect with this. Treating women like cattle is wrong, period.

So, if liberals are pro-women, why do they deprive women of one of the most effective means of breaking their chains?

In a world gone crazy, where women are in chains, a gun gives them what they need to break free and live their own life. (click to tweet)

I don’t know why liberals don’t feel women are capable of owning guns, but it hurts their image as “pro-women” when the very people they claim to support aren’t encouraged to protect themselves.

If I have a right to life, then I have a right to own a gun.

If You’re a woman, you should be able to own a gun, period.

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