Here’s Why You Need to Take a Tactic from the Left’s Playbook and Use Emotional Arguments to Win People Over

Use Emotion

The Left is a master of using emotion to sway the masses to their side of any particular issue. You’ve heard their arguments before…

“What about the children?”

“You hate poor people!”

“How can you be so mean and heartless?”

Every argument is based on emotion one way or another. Every policy is judged with their emotions. Every individual is criticized in an emotional way.

And it Works

The Lefts has had wild success with this tactic. But that success is always based on a lie, or in some cases a perversion of the truth.

Obama’s “hope and change” slogan is a great example of this. He made it emotional, put some policy behind it, and let his supporters run with it.

But his “hope and change” turned out to be the opposite of what his fans thought he would deliver on.

It’ll Work for You too

Who said you can’t use some emotion to convince people that your side is right? Oh, you thought emotion is a coward’s tool? Well, you’d be wrong.

Emotion is a powerful tool, especially when combined with facts. It connects with them on a personal level that facts and logic can’t reach.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to them than your logical data filled argument does.

Use Emotion to Communicate the Issues

Don’t rely solely on emotion like a liberal, but don’t be afraid to use it. Be mature about it. Be effective with it. It’s a powerful tool at your disposal that the Right has refused to use for a while now.

Here’s How

Obamacare is a perfect example of how to use emotional arguments. It’s no secret that the Left’s entire argument for Obamacare is based on emotion, but you’re side’s got some emotional arguments too.

“Look at all the Americans losing their insurance because of Obamacare. Seniors with complex medical issues are having their coverage dropped. Your children are being forced to pay for this colossal failure, and families are going without insurance because it’s too expensive. How can you support a program that’s doing this to Americans?”

And on the issue of letting school teachers carry guns into classrooms…

“Look at all the school shootings that we’ve had in the past two years? Our children are our most important resource. If we can’t take every action to protect them, then how good of a society are we? If teachers are allowed to carry in school it’ll provide the extra protection that our children need.”

You can see the facts in each emotional based argument, but they’re not being shoved in your face. Instead, I’m communicating each issue on a deeper level. A level that connects with the listener.

I’m going to be working on this technique in the coming weeks, and I hope you take the time to hone this skill with me.

You can’t let the Left have sole access to this tactic. Emotion and logic go hand in hand. They’re not too opposing forces. Yes, some people do use them separately (to their detriment), but that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of the power that both of them bring together.
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