There’s a Reason Democrats Believe What they Believe (Understand that to Win Them Over)

How do you win people over?

Do you beat the preferable “bible” over their head?

Do you water down and sugar coat the message?

Do you relate to them?

Do you use emotion and truth to win them over?

Or… do you just forget the whole “win them over” strategy and go for something a little more bully orientated? Teddy Roosevelt did say talk softly and carry a big stick.

Each method has its merits (except for the whole “carry a big stick” thing), but they’ll all fail if you neglect to get inside your opponent’s head.

Democrats, Liberals, and the occasional Progressive aren’t stupid (hear me out on this). They don’t hold to their mindset because someone programmed it into their heads. It might come across as that, but there’s some legitimate reasoning going on.

Ok, maybe you just flat out laughed your pants off on that last paragraph. I know, it sounds hilarious. Of course they’re stupid, they’re democrats! That’s an easy stance to take. What takes guts is realizing there’s a thought process behind Democrat policies and worldviews.

Why are Democrats pro-Welfare State? Because they have a strong emotional connection to social justice. They see people in need, hurting, and they want to help. The most logical system to help the needy is the government (in their minds that is).

Why do Democrats support the minimum wage? Again, because of social justice. There’s also sympathy to the average American worker trying to make a living. They want these Americans to live the good life, they don’t want to see them suffer. As a result, you have Democrats calling for government intervention.

There’s a reasoning behind everything they support. It’s not necessarily wrong, the end result is wrong, but the desire to help those less fortunate isn’t.

Don’t discount it. Don’t ignore it.

Use it to your advantage. Know your enemy.

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