Nannyism at its Best: UK could Prosecute Parents for Emotionally Harming Their Kids

Parenting Children

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Leave it to politicians to pick the most subjective issue to regulate. Let alone prosecute.

Next the British government will be punishing parents who make their children do chores. That’s forced labor don’t you know.

Or my personal favorite. Punish parents who force their children to become self-reliant. Forcing your child to get a job when they’re not mentally and emotionally ready is cruel.

And it could all start here if Britain changes its Child Neglect Laws to make “emotional abuse” of a child a crime.

Mark Williams, the Liberal Democrat MP, is leading the calls for Britain’s “Dickensian” child neglect laws to be updated, ending an anomaly which means that it is crime to inflict psychological abuse on adults but not children.

Although social workers, who operate under a different legal framework, can already step in to begin care proceedings if a child is being emotionally mistreated, the police cannot.

This is because in criminal law only physical deprivation, such as denying children food or clothes, counts as neglect.

Ask yourself this. Would you want the police to be involved in the rearing of your child?

Absolutely not! There’s already enough pressure on you, as a parent, from society to rear you child in a proper manner. Adding the police in there opens up a whole new door of trouble.

And frankly, your child isn’t the cops’ business (unless we were in Nazi Germany or Communist China).

Now I know what you’re thinking. Any parent could be picked up by the cops for so much as disciplining their child if this bill passed.

However, Mr. Williams would like you to know that the “intention” of the bill is not to “criminalize discipline or target parents who are incapable, for their own reasons, of expressing love.”

It’s only for those parents who “deliberately starve their children of love and affection.”

But the question is… who decides whether a parent “deliberately” starved their child of hugs and kisses?


Bureaucratic appointed shrinks?

All of the above is probably the best answer.

But for a minute let’s switch this discussion around.

Nobody likes it when a child is harmed (whether that be physically or mentally)

I certainly don’t like, and I know you don’t. It’s a horrible thing to hear about or experience. And any parent that treats their child like junk should be shunned by society (at the least).

But does it warrant the state getting involved?

Most of you would probably say no.

Do the supporters of this bill actually care about the children?

I have no doubt they do. But that has nothing to do with whether this bill is good or not.

You have to judge the bill with common sense, not with the emotions of its supporters.

Will this bill (if passed) open up a whole set up bureaucratic interference?

You bet it will!

Can you imagine the state telling you that you haven’t hugged your child enough today? Or that since you took one child to get ice cream the other should have some as well?

The lengths politicians will go to tell you how to raise your children is limitless. Britain’s almost there.

Let’s hope America doesn’t go anywhere near that stench…

Oh wait… we have public schools. Darn…

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