Two of My Favorite Political Statements…

“Free Community College”

“It’s not a tax, it’s a user fee.”

That’s gold right there.

More government subsidies for the college market. It’s going to screw up more things than it helps.

Yet, it’s being portrayed as something good. Even life-saving.

Then there’s the gas tax hike people.

Gas is cheap, so I guess it’s time to raise the gas tax? How does that make sense? And why do they feel the need to raise these taxes all the time?

Oh, that’s right, the highway. Heaven forbid if the highway fund doesn’t get enough money.

See, both issues are a matter of inadequate funding.

Too bad US education already gets a crap ton of funding. And I’m sure the highway fund get’s enough, it’s just not managed well, because, well, it’s the government.

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