Conservatives, Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong With The Transgender Issue


I have no idea how conservatives expect to win Americans over when they say things like this…

“Transgenderism denies basic biology. Awarding such a delusion is absurd.”

“Facts trump feelings. Feelings change often. Your DNA is stubborn and doesn’t care about your feelings.”

“Transgenderism is a mental illness.”

I get it, you’re sick of feely-touchy mumbo-jumbo infiltrating the discussion. Emotions can’t be relied on, only facts can. Emotions change, facts don’t.

Yes, that is all readily apparent to me.

But here’s the thing…

Feelings do matter, and facts have very little sway against them.

Emotions reach deep into your soul.

They impact you, they can define you, and change you.

Emotions are the currency of mankind.

This issue with transgenders and public restrooms is another example of conservatives failing to recognize the reality of mankind.

Humans are not naturally rational. They’re inherently irrational and emotional.

This transgender debate reminds me of another debate that occurred recently. The debate over homosexuality and legalizing gay marriage.

I remember conservatives saying the exact same things about gays that they’re saying about transgenders.

I also remember conservatives losing that fight, badly.

So why are conservatives treating transgenders the same way they did gays? Why are they repeating the mistakes of the past? More importantly, why are their tactics and language counterproductive and harmful?

Emotions Trump Facts

Research cognitive dissonance. Read through all facets of it. And read about cognitive distortion (here’s a good list of cognitive distortions).

Now, read my piece on the backfire effect. It explains how using facts in an argument strengthen the other person’s views. Providing someone with evidence that their views are wrong only strengthens their views.

Read this article on biases and blunders, and this one on how your brain is primed to reach false conclusions.

Yes, I’m giving you “facts” to prove that emotions trump facts. The irony is strong here.

For an image of how emotions trump facts think of any time you’ve had to convince a friend or child that their fear was unrealistic. There’s no monster under the bed, you can’t die from tight spaces, and the chances of you dying from terrorism is miniscule. But the fear is still there.

The Legitimacy of Trans’ Issues Doesn’t Negate What They Believe They’re Going Through

There’s this saying about oppression: even if someone’s not oppressed it doesn’t make what they’re feeling any less legitimate.

If someone feels they’re oppressed, dismissing their feelings of oppression won’t change how they feel. You’ve got to address their feelings.

The same is true with transgenders.

You might not believe what they’re going through is real, but they do. It’s real to them. It’s something they take seriously. Therefore, you need to approach it carefully.

I might think a child’s fear of the dark is irrational, but their fear is real. I can mock them all I want, but it won’t change their reality. The same is true with transgenders.

Labeling a Group “Delusional” Only Hurts You

You think transgenders are delusional? Congrats for your “honest, politically incorrect” opinion. You get a gold star from the-truth-hurts-conservative-movement.

Guess who doesn’t give a shit about your opinion? Transgenders and everyone else who knows one or supports them.

Calling transgenders “delusional” is counterproductive. You might think it’s being politically incorrect, and I’m sure your conservative buddies love it, but everyone else thinks you’re a jerk.

Would you feel good if you had PTSD or knew someone who did and I called you delusional or insane? I could go on for hours about how “true” it is, but that wouldn’t matter to you. All that matters is that I don’t care about what you’re going through. As a result, I’ve lost any respect you had for me.

Badmouthing groups you don’t agree with isn’t “truthful,” much less helpful for your cause. Now I know you might not care about what people think about you (because you’re an independent, honest, opinionated American, right?), but don’t expect to win back America with that behavior.

Sympathy & Understanding Don’t Equal Pandering

When I say you need to understand where transgenders are coming from, I don’t mean you have to accept them.

I can understand their issues without falling in line with their narrative. I can understand why liberals believe what they do without agreeing with them.

Sympathy isn’t pandering. It’s the realization that these people are going through real issues (to them at least).

Sympathy is required to reach those outside party lines. It communicates to them that you understand and aren’t a stone wall devoid of emotion.

Conclusion: Do You Want to Keep Losing Issue After Issue, Conservatives?

Here’s a checklist for conservatives to keep losing, ultimately becoming more trivialized by society…

  • Care more about being politically incorrect & truthful than connecting with people outside party lines
  • Refuse to acknowledge the issues that other people go through
  • Believe facts can change people’s minds
  • Disregard people’s emotions
  • Call people derogatory names

I don’t know about you, but I’m working on influencing culture. I want to spread personal freedom. I want everyone to see the benefit of Free Markets, limited government, and the freedom to make your own decisions.

Disregarding the feelings and issues of anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with me is a recipe for failure.

Political incorrectness isn’t important to me.

For many conservatives, being politically incorrect is more important than effective messaging. It’s more important than actually winning people over.

So don’t be surprised to see conservatives lose more and more in the coming years. Their strategy is one of self-righteous “I’m right and that’s that.”

A strategy like that is doomed to fail.

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