What The Trans-Fat Debate Really Boils Down To

Boils DownSo… I’ve been on a trans-fat rant over the past week. That’s my bad (obviously), but it’s not unjustified.

There’s a growing sentiment among Americans that if the government can act on something it should.

This sentiment is harmful for numerous reasons…

It Creates an Environment of Social Laziness.

Why take a stand against something when the government can do it for you? Why take an activist’s role to something that troubles you when you can just get the government to take care of it? I don’t like how certain parents raise their children so I’ll just get the government to pass a law requiring those parents to raise their children the way I see fit.

The government is not your mother. (Click to Tweet) Life is full of movements and ideas that you will have to stand behind with your own two feet… not with the force of the state.

It Creates a Tyranny of the Majority

There’s nothing more frustrating than a group of people telling you how to live your life. And there’s nothing more tyrannical than that group using the power of the government to force their beliefs on you.

So you don’t like smoking. Good for you. Don’t force others to comply with you. Period! If I want to smoke or eat at McDonald’s than that’s my issue, not yours. (Click to Tweet)

All the FDA is doing is creating a tyranny of the majority. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the right or not. It’s wrong.

Finally, it Creates Dependence

If the state is the one making sure you don’t have any “unhealthy” ingredients in your food then you’re dependent on them. Forget researching which foods contain trans-fat. No, you’ll just let the FDA handle it (because they know best).

It’s never smart to rely on a bureaucratic organization (for pretty much anything). These days, you don’t need them. All you need is an internet connection and Google to find out everything you need to about trans-fat.


There’s more to this proposed trans-fat ban than just whether it’s healthy or not. That’s irrelevant.

Regulations should never be reviewed based on their “good intentions.” They should be based on how it’ll affect A) your life and B) the Market.

This rule changes when it comes to protecting personal property, life and liberty. For example, abusing children should be punishable because it violates their life and liberty.

“Well trans-fat violates my life!” Yes, it somewhat does, but banning it will violate the “lives” of others who willingly eat it.

The fact is… you have no right to use the state to enforce your health agenda. If you believe in such avenues of action then you’re an oppressor and a fascist.

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