Obama Needs to Stop Threatening Obnoxious Five Year Olds With Our Military

Obama's Foreign Policy in South Korea

What’s pops into your head when you hear the president of the United States saying that the US “will not hesitate to use military might”?

What do you think he’s referring to?

An invasion of a close ally?

Blatant threats from an enemy nation?

A horrible genocide taking place in Africa, The Middle East, or Eastern Europe?

Or maybe Russia’s invasion of the Crimea?

Presidents don’t use such statements in jest. It’s a serious thing to say that the US’s “military” might will come down on you if you do any shenanigans.

You must be a really, really, really bad boy to be threatened like that…

Or You Could Just be North Korea

Yep, little ol’ Commie Korea. Nothing but indoctrinated, starving, hopeless, soulless, dragged off and killed for criticizing the commie party, “we’ve all got the same haircut” Asians living in an isolated hell.

Oh wait… I used the word “Asian” in my post. Am I a racist? (Hint the answer is a solid, “NO”)

These are the people Obama is giving warning to. Like FDR or Abraham Lincoln, Obama is pointing at his own enemy telling them “Now don’t you screw with me boy.”

Exactly how is the North Korean government going to “screw us”?

It’s not like they’ve fallen upon a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (I think they blew that rainbow up because it was against “the party”).

They’ve got nukes you say? You mean they’re testing nukes in an underground complex. According to a Pentagon report, the North Koreans have the ability to arm missiles with nukes.

But are they at a stage where it would be affective?

The North Koreans Aren’t a Threat

If they get past the technical difficulties of creating a nuke. Acquire the tech to arm a missile, and successfully test it, they still wouldn’t be a danger to US security.

We can shoot their nukes out of the sky. We have more firepower than they do. Our military is superior to theirs.

There’s no way they could prove to be a serious threat. Even if they did become one, it would only take a small elite force of Navy Seals to take them out.

Obama recognized that the North Koreans aren’t a threat while he was in Seoul earlier this week.

“Anybody can make threats. Anyone can move an army. Anyone can show off a missile. That doesn’t make you strong.”

It’s all just a show of force.

The Problem Behind Obama’s Comment

The United States “will not hesitate to use our military might” to defend our allies in the region.

What’s the issue behind this statement? What’s the worldview, the belief that Obama is promoting?

He’s promoting interventionist policies. The US won’t pause to spank those commies on the backside if they step out of line.

What defines “out of line?” When do the North Koreans go too far?

What constitutes defending our allies? Is it when South Korea gets invaded? Or when they’re nuked? Or can we defend our ally when the enemy acquires a nuke?

Promoting an interventionist policy sets us up for failure. Countries start to assume we’ll jump in and rescue them, but foreign policy is rarely that black and white (especially in this world).

The US cannot be the policemen of the world. We just can’t do it. There’s a debt problem for a reason. (Click to Tweet)

The Danger…

This war talk is dangerous for three reasons. A) It gets the enemy all riled up thinking we’re out to get them (i.e. fuel for the fire), B) it obligates us to a policy we’re not sure we can uphold, and C) it alerts the enemy to future plans.

The Commies up in the north are already war crazy. They want nukes, and it ain’t to boost the light count in the country. Have you seen that map that shows South Korea full of lights during the night while North Korea is dark? Something tells me they aren’t worried about that.

What happens if the North Koreans go further and attack South Korea? What if they build the bomb? What if they start a conflict with another nation?

Will the US agree to send troops to squash the insurrection? If we put ourselves in a situation that forces us to act, we’ll have no choice but to take action.

Lastly, if the US does plan on taking action, why would you want the enemy to know about it? If they know the US will protect its ally then they’ll be prepared. They’ll grow their army. They’ll stay alert through spy rings, etc.

You don’t let your enemy know your plans.

To Sum it All Up

Obama’s statement is a sign of the times. Aggressive rhetoric with nothing to back it up.

He didn’t have to say that. He didn’t have to say anything. All he had to do was privately inform the South Korean government that we have their back. If anything goes south we’ll have their backs (see what I did there?).

Obama’s foreign policy record is a failure. His public statements on the Tunisian and Egyptian riots did nothing but foster ill will toward the governments there. The Arab Spring was no place to involve ourselves in.

Syria was a failure. Obama and his “redlines” were a constant internet joke. Now with Putin and the Ukraine, it’s gotten even worse.

Obama should learn to keep his mouth shut and put more effort into not making wild foreign policy claims. (Click to Tweet)

He needs to stop worrying about when the North Koreans are going to get nukes… kind of reminds me of that song by Pink Floyd when he sings “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?”

In reality, it doesn’t matter as much as Obama would have you believe.

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