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Is There Ever a Time to go With the Flow?

You’ve probably heard Thomas Jefferson say that,

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

But is it true?

Should you limit your “flowing” to only superficial issues like clothing style? Or should you apply the principle of standing like a rock in every aspect of your life?

First, you need to ask…

Is the Flow Beneficial?

In the matter of principles and morals it’s easy to see that the “flow” isn’t beneficial.

In matters of style it depends on your outlook.

Do you aim to be your own person?

Or do you want to fit in?

What are the Consequences of Fitting in?

Buying those expensive jeans because they’re the “fashion.”

Keeping up with the ever changing style, which ultimately means you’ll be buying a ton of expensive clothes (and other accessories) that you’ll end up ditching when the next fade comes around.

Negative consequence? Wasting money, time and energy.

What does the Flow bring you?

You won’t stand out. that’s for sure. In fact, the flow will keep you the same old, same old that everyone else is.

The flow will also bring you stress. It’s difficult to constantly keep up with the crowd. You expend energy.

Your wallet will start to cringe. No one said keeping up with the latest fade was cheap.

You’ll feel like a copy of a copy of a copy. Following the fade does not make you unique.

So Should You follow the Flow?

What do you think?

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