The Liberal and Choice

Liberals and ChoiceAs with everything in politics, the Left tends to trick themselves into thinking that they’re pro-choice.

I’m not talking about abortion, though that is a part of it.

I’m talking about your choice in Obamacare. Your choice in getting a fountain drink. Your choice of what to eat. Your choice to be generous.

It seems like, most days, your freedom to choose is nothing but a mirage fabricated by those in power.

Yes! You Have a Choice!

If it were up to the State Nannies you’d still have a choice. You could buy a small drink, or a medium drink.

“But I want a large drink!”

Oh, sorry. You can’t have that. You’re not allowed to buy a large fountain drink, but you can still choose between small and medium.

Do you still have a choice when the powers that be are controlling your choices?

….Ok, We Lied.

If a higher power is controlling your choices then you don’t have the Freedom to choose. (Click to Tweet) This is why Obamacare isn’t capitalism, why state nannyism is tyranny, and why your internet connection sucks at times.

Choice restricted isn’t choice at all. (Click to Tweet)

But some think that the only way choice can work properly is to control it….

Control and Choice

To the Left, control and choice go hand in hand. If it were up to them you wouldn’t be able to pick between dozens of smart phones. You wouldn’t have a plethora of candy options, and you wouldn’t be enjoying your 600+ TV channels.

But to a Leftist, control is key. Controlling someone’s choices gives you power without the person getting riled up. They still have options available… it’s just that they don’t have them all.

Matt Walsh makes this pretty clear below (note: he’s being sarcastic about being a liberal)…

As a newly minted liberal, I love choice.

We are huge fans of choice. But there’s something about choice that you need to understand: choice requires control.

Choice and control go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, or eugenics and Planned Parenthood. What happens if people are given an uncontrolled choice?

Well, nothing. Nothing except CHAOSANARCHYCANNIBALISMZOMBIESDEATHDESTRUCTIONLARGESODAS. We liberals enjoy the sort of choices that you find in places like, say, prisons.

I hear the super max down the street gives inmates the CHOICE of chicken or beef for dinner, and the CHOICE of getting shenked in the yard or shenked in the cell, and the choice of complying with the officer’s demands or getting tear gassed and beaten bloody.

The liberal vision is to take this strategy and bring it to the masses. [Read the full article here]

And there you have it. The Left and choice rarely go together, unless they’re controlling it.

Fun Thing To Do: Next time you run into someone who’s pro-choice ask them about whether people should be able to have large soda drinks, refuse to buy health insurance, watch Fox News, write anti-Obama content, insult Islam, and refuse to give to the poor.

Once you ask them about those choices you’ll start to see how anti-choice they really are.

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