The Left Cares About People Too

“If the left really cared about Americans, they wouldn’t push for socialist policies.”

Another half-assed comment. Filled with assumptions, generalizations, and lacking any personal knowledge of why this particular group of Americans pushes for such from voyager facepalm

This makes me face-palm, numerous times a day.

Conservatives, libertarians, republicans, they all do this.

Heck, I’ve done it.

It’s easy to put out there. I believe “A”, the opposing side believes in “B”. I believe “A” helps people the best, the opposing side doesn’t. We both claim to care about people, but since I believe my option helps them the best, the opposing side must not actually care about people.

I think that’s a fallacy. But it’s definitely a lazy thinking pattern.

Assuming the left doesn’t care about people solely because they push different policies doesn’t logically add up.

Aren’t we supposed to be the logical guys? At least, that’s what they all say.

Well, this view of the “uncaring left” is logically false. Not to mention, it’s another factor that hurts our outreach efforts.

Here’s what I mean…

How Assumptions Like These Hurt Your Efforts to Win People Over

How do you feel when a democrat comes up to you talking about how you hate poor people?

Not to good, huh?

You don’t hate poor people. In fact, you want to help them (via your own policies).

Imagine how a democrat feels when you lecture them on how they hate America? Do you think they’re going to react positively to it?

“Yeah man, I know I hate America. I wanna to change that. Show me the way.”

Let’s be real here. No democrat is going to say that. Because they don’t hate America. Democrats care about people as much as you and I do.

Broad statements like those push democrats away. Personal assumptions of what goes on in the mind of a leftist doesn’t make you more relatable. They make you a jerk.

Statements and assumptions that the Left doesn’t really care about people hurt two things. One is your ability to relate and properly communicate with the left. The other is the Left’s willingness to listen to you.

If I had started off my conversation with those two democrats at my county fair by saying “If you really cared about Americans, you wouldn’t be pushing these policies.” Do you think the conversation would’ve gone well? Do you think they would’ve talked to me?

Nope! They probably wouldn’t have appreciated my “bluntness.”

Democrats care about America too

Why Are These Assumptions Wrong & Illogical?

Yes, these blanket statements are wrong. For several reasons.

I think we tend to forget that we live in a diverse nation. Not diverse as in skin color, but in ideas.

We live in a Marketplace of Ideas. Yet, we rarely act like that’s true.

The United States isn’t some super homogeneous culture. The worldview gap between democrats and republicans is huge in of itself.

Failing to recognize this (and act accordingly) will spell doom on any outreach efforts.

Have you ever chatted with a communist? Have you ever tried to talk economics with them? It’s like talking to an alien from another planet, who’s never experienced gravity. The differences are night and day. And you can’t simply call them a dictator and move on with the conversation.

You need finesse that only exists by realizing the worldview gap.

Democrats aren’t trying to destroy America. You only think so because they support policies that go against your worldview.

Disagreement doesn’t necessitate ill-intentions.

Yes, democrats support policies that we think harm Americans. That doesn’t mean they’re purposely trying to harm Americans. It’s all assumptions that your brain has created to make sense of why someone would support such a thing.

Your brain is literally creating its own version of reality to make sense of the world. That’s not logic. That’s a mirage.

star gate facepalm

Correcting the View That the Left Doesn’t Care About America

This view, that the left doesn’t care about America, is false.

Like I said above, it’s a mirage. Created by your mind to make sense of the world.

If we’re going to spread Freedom to our fellow Americans, we can’t let petty assumptions affect our view of other groups.

The unfortunate thing is that this type of mindset affects us all the time. Whether it’s Bernie supporters, anarchists, democrats, or politicians. We come up with assumptions for each of them.

Politicians are only in it for the power and control. Bernie supporters are stupid. Democrats hate America. Obama hates America.

These are all assumptions and blanket statements that hurt your outreach efforts. These statements make you sound insensitive and ignorant.

What I do to fix these assumptions is to remember that good intentions are ripe in politics. But good intentions don’t equal good policy.

You can praise someone’s good intentions without condoning their erroneous policy choices.

I truly believe that most democrats have good intentions in mind. By having that view in the back of my head, I’m able to come at democrats from a totally different perspective.

I want America to prosper. They want America to prosper. I just have to convince them Freedom is the key to that (through continual influencing and outreach).

Negative generalizations and dehumanizing the left won’t help me accomplish that.

So what do you think about falsely assuming things about the left? Is it illogical? Does the left really care about Americans? Do they have good intentions, but bad policy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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