The Feminist Movement is Doomed to Fail

failure of feminism

Can you imagine not being able to vote because you’re a woman?

How horrible that must be to feel like your political voice is irrelevant. You’re interested in politics, you have all these ideas and opinions on improving the system, but women don’t vote.

And, sadly, you’re a women.

What about owning a house? Did you know that women weren’t able to own property in their name in the United States until 1821 (and only in Maine)?

The change soon moved to other states, but the fact is that women owning property is a relatively new phenomenon.

Then there’s the issue of marital rape, divorce, child custody, and freedom to work. All relatively new areas of equality for women.

Oh, and how would you react if you couldn’t go to school?

Education is an important part of our modern society, but since you’re a woman, you don’t get one?

What kind of idiocy is that?

More importantly, where’s your liberty?

See, the early feminist movement was about liberty, equality under the law, respect, and empowerment.

They saw the oppression women were going through.

  • Forced marriages are a sickening blight that needed to be exterminated.
  • Women should be able to vote. Period.
  • Women should be able to divorce their spouse.

The Early Feminist Movement

The early feminist movement was a movement based on liberty. They were based on the idea that if men are free to do “A,” women should be free to do it too.

It’s individual freedom, clear and simple.

Sadly, that’s changed with the modern feminist movement. The modern feminist movement isn’t for individual freedom or equality under law.

Where the early feminists were based on empowerment, the modern feminists are based on victimization and excessive five year old whining.

A chasm separates these two seemingly similar movements.

One movement succeeded in bringing freedom to a group of people. The other will slowly fade out. A failed movement, based on a shaky foundation.

The modern feminist movement is destined to die. They won’t make a difference. They’ll just fade into obscurity.

“Why?” You ask.

Feminism is built on several principles that don’t produce a thriving movement. They support things that don’t bring people in. Their movement is built on sand.

Here’s a few reasons why…

Feminism is Built on Hate

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (The Informers), you’ve heard about misandry. You also had the unfortunate experience of reading a feminist article about how misandry is a positive belief.

That’s right. A feminist argued that misandry (the hatred of men) is a positive element that not only benefits women, but men as well.

…She went full retard.

Despite the off the chart level of idiocy, her article was a prime example of the hate that’s been built into the movement.

Feminists hate…

  • Men
  • Women who disagree with them
  • The “patriarchy”
  • Cis-normative white people
  • Privileged people
  • Republicans

Instead of reaching out to people, building relationships and spreading their message, they’ve become glorified trolls. If you speak up against them, they attack you with an unceasing volley of cuss words, cries of sexism, and words that no one understands…

It’s clear that feminists understand hate more than they do tolerance.

First wave feminism equality

Early Feminist believed in equality under the law for everyone

They’re not for People

Any person that advocates the betterment of one group at the expense of another is not for freedom.

Take the Hobby Lobby case as an example of this.

Hobby Lobby refusing to provide two forms of contraceptives was oppression in the eyes of feminists. It didn’t matter if women could still obtain those contraceptives somewhere else. It didn’t matter that the owners have a right to do with their property what they want.

And, it certainly didn’t matter that forcing a company to provide a good or service is oppressive.

All they wanted was their birth control. They were owed this good. Heck, they had a right to it.

Screw business owners.

“Who cares what they need or can provide, I just want my birth control.”

Feminism is for women (who agree with them). Anyone else gets pushed to the back of the line. Not freedom, or equality.

They’re Oppressive

Business owners get a back seat.

Men get a back seat.

Women who disagree with them get a back seat.

They force people (who they hate) to supply them with what they want.

They’re for rights, as long as those rights benefit them.

…shall I go on?

early feminist movement protesting

The early feminist movement protested peacefully

They Attack (& Hate) Those Who Disagree With Them

Go on twitter and look at the Women Against Feminism hashtag. Take a few minutes and read all the feminists hating on women using this hashtag.

Or, you could go and find a few articles on the hashtag. Notice how feminists talk about it. Notice how they view the people using the hashtag.

They look down on them. “Women against feminism” are sub-human, or at best ignorant [expletives].

They Throw Around the Victim Card

Women are victims of everything. Not enough women in science? It’s because of sexism. People don’t like the way you dress? You’re being oppressed. Your mom doesn’t agree with feminism? She wants to oppress you.

Instead of empowering women, feminists say that they first need to get rid of everything that’s “holding them back.”

What ever happened to moving past what people think of you? Live your own life. Who cares what they think?

Women are victims, all the time. The victimization never ends.

the women who votes

“The woman who votes has outdone the man who didn’t”

They Want to be Liberated from Everything They Don’t Like

During one conversation with a feminist, she told me that she’s oppressed because she can’t sleep around with men without being looked on in a negative light.

In her mind, someone’s view of her actions equaled oppression. She had to be “liberated” from that person’s view of her.

Here’s a little fact about life…people will view you in a negative light for a myriad of reasons. It’s your job to ignore it, move past it and not be held back by it.

Liberating yourself from other people’s personal opinions of you is done by ignoring them. Acting like a victim because of it doesn’t help.

They Create Division

The feminist movement is a fight between women and the patriarchy. You’re either with them, or you’re against.

Everything’s a threat, everyone’s an attacker or victim. Everything is a battle.

Their whole ideology is based on division. They’re not trying to unite people, they’re trying to wipe their enemies out.


So, how does this all come together? How do these seven points make feminism a failed movement?

Well, it all comes down to the environment they create. What message are they sending?

Is it, bringing people together on a common purpose? To defend women, to spread awareness, to empower women?

Or, is it about attacking women who aren’t feminists, stereotyping all men as evil, pushing out those who don’t agree 100%?

Most people who have experienced the message of feminism would have to say the second one.

I’ve talked a lot recently about connecting with those across the aisle. How do you reach out to democrats and moderates? How do you get them to trust you and eventually respect your views?

How do you evangelize?

Well, you don’t do it by hating, bullying, or demonizing them.

You build relationships. You talk to them. You find common threads that unite you.

Feminists suck at that.

You’ve probably guessed, but I’m a supporter of women. I share a lot of old-style feminist ideas, but I’m no feminist. I’m for everyone.

But try communicating that to a feminist and you’ll receive a harsh response. It’s like they don’t even try and understand you. They don’t want to make friends or allies. They want to hate you and vilify you.

All for disagreeing. Not fitting in. Going against their idea of what’s right.

That’s why the feminist movement is doomed to fail. The real defenders of women are the ones who also fight for blacks, property owners, children, and gun owners.

The real defenders of women believe in Freedom For All.

Feminists don’t. They’ll die out sooner or later, with nothing to show but a myriad of rant filled articles, bullied twitter users, and a feminist dictionary…that gives people headaches.

The feminist movement is on its way to a slow and insignificant death….

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  • Martin

    Women have been legally above men for hundreds of years now too. They lacked some rights but they had very few responsibilities, men used to be legally responsible for their wife ‘s tax, debts, even crimes if he was with her. Women have been given more rights but still have the same lack of responsibility but men have all the same responsibilities but several of our rights have been taken away

    • Donovan Flores

      I agree. Heck if a women didn’t pay her debt or tax the man suffered, mostly the husband.

    • GuestyGuest

      All part of feminism’s historical revisionism. Looking at everything through the lens of modern day. If a modern day woman can/should be able to do it than it’s somehow oppressive sexism and patriarchy that a woman in 10,000 BC couldn’t.

    • Chelsea

      Legally above men? Like not being able to vote? Like being at the mercy of their husband’s decision of what they do, even with their own body, much like a slave? I wouldn’t call that “being given more rights.” True feminists want equity for men and women. I’m curious as to which rights you are referring, which you state have been taken away from men? What I can think of on that topic is the judicial system, showing bias against men regarding children, sexual assault, and domestic abuse cases. That is wrong and sexist. In my definition of feminism as I understand it, we fight for freedom of rights and opportunities for men and women, and the freedom of discrimination based on gender.

      • Martin

        Feminists are not all like that – Say All feminists. Feminism is the notion that the half of the population who do most of the dying and hard work are oppressing the other half of the population who do most of the shopping. The time for arguing with these shreiking harpies has passed, only actions will dislodge them and their monstrous hate

        • Chelsea

          I’m sorry for your view on gender roles and your lack of awareness of humans outside of your own experience.

      • Susan Nercher

        @Chelsea. Many men couldn’t vote either because they couldn’t meet property, literacy or residency requirements. Women were never slaves to their husbands. Husbands were required by law to support a woman. According to the law of necessities, men were required to pay for a woman’s needs and had to pay alimony to her for life in the event of a divorce.

        If a man beat a woman, he would most likely be placed in jail but if a woman beat a man, she was less likely to be placed in jail. What about wives who beat and rape their husbands? What about women who assault other women? What about the fact that men were drafted and women weren’t?

        Today, if a wife has an extramarital affair and becomes pregnant with her adulterous lover’s child, the husband must pay for that child because any child born during the marriage is deemed to be the husband’s child regardless of what the DNA test states. In the past, if a woman got pregnant while the husband was away and it was clearly not his child, there would be town gatherings where they would shame the man and call him a “cuckold.”

        A 1936 Gallup poll indicated that more women than men felt that women shouldn’t work. Why? Because most jobs are not fulfilling. Most men worked for years at jobs they hated just to support their wives and children and the wives still got the benefits of that hard labor – property, bank accounts, pensions, etc.

        Women always received education and training. There were numerous women’s colleges and co-ed schools that accepted women into degree programs. There were also training institutions that provided women with careers (nursing, social work, teaching, secretarial, bookkeeping, seamstress, beautician and more).

        Studies show that women in the 1950s were happier than they are today. If they were so oppressed back then, why would that be the case? Today, women are dying from heart attacks, strokes and cancer, which in the 1950s were called men’s diseases.

        Don’t believe the feminist propaganda.

  • Tori

    Feminism is about equality, socially, politically, and economically for everyone. Its not exclusive to women its equality for everyone. This article is focusing on people who don’t really understand what the movement is trying to do. What it is trying to do is ensure basic human rights. Its not just about women its about every gender. I think a lot of people have misinterpreted what feminism actually stands for and what its trying to do. frown emoticonHere is some things the movement has done that is actually pretty great: it has helped shed light on gender discrimination, help close the pay gap between men and women, have started groups on college campuses to discuss ways of ending sexual assault on campus, its help to give marginalized groups of people a voice in society, Title IX, the movement also took on marriage equality, reproductive rights, paternity leave ect… It would be also good to note that its not built on hate, its about obtaining human rights. It’s about being in solidarity with one another, to acknowledge that everyone is human and that deserves dignity and respect. The movement isn’t dying nor is it failing. Every group has some bad apples.

    • Paul

      The same old, stale arguments, dictionary definition, saying we’re ignorant, not all feminists are like that, seeing sexism everywhere, attributing every difference between the sexes as sexism, false statistics, blah blah blah.

      Feminism’s bad apples are everywhere, they’re the ones with the voices in the media, academia, politicians, etc.

      You want to redeem feminism? Don’t attempt to convince anti-feminists with your words. Most anti-feminists formed they’re opinions based on the actions and words of feminists. You want to change their minds then you need to change feminists to at the very least adhere to the dictionary definition.

      Talk and campaign against those bad apples in your movement. Call them out for their hatred, their hypocrisy, their irrationality, their lies. I dare you. I suspect that you’d receive the same responses mentioned in this article and you’ll be ostracised.

      • Tori

        If you believe that a modern feminist fits this description then yeah ignorant would be a good term to describe that. Feminism’s ‘good apples’ are everywhere too; empowering the youth, rallying for human right, doing what they can for the people in their community, listening to issues, praxis and being a public/organic intellectual.
        How are my statics false? Excuse me for being rude, but do you read? At all?
        If you can’t support that idea of equality then how are you supposed to have anything close to a democracy?
        I am a secular humanist and a feminist. I don’t go around hating men, bulling people, I don’t push out people who don’t agree 100%, and I certainly don’t attack women who aren’t feminists.
        The problem with this article is that its generalizing everyone in this movement as doing these awful things. Are there crazy people who have taken the term and twisted it to fit their own definition? Yes. Is this the whole movement? No. This article is talking about an agenda that only uninformed people would follow. He thinks that a modern feminist’s ‘battle’ is against women and the patriarchy. Its about WAY more than that. Its about rallying for people who get fired from their jobs solely because they are gay, transgender, or gender queer, trying to end racism, ending white supremacy, teaching compassion, critical thinking, systematic oppression, ect.
        Frankly, if you are for equality for everyone then why would you be anti-feminist? That’s what the movement is about.
        Are you religious? Is there ‘bad apples’ in the religion you practice? Did you wait till they were all ‘good apples’ before you joined?
        Look, the movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon nor is it dying. There is still far too many injustices and there is a lot of people willing to speak up and be in solidarity.

        • James JD Edwards

          Tori, I’m afraid he’s absolutely right. Evil comes in many forms and one of them is modern day feminism. What makes it even more dangerous is that you genuinely believe it’s a force for good. It’s like communism, socialism, collectivism, fascism apart from the fact it tries to disguise itself and wrong foot’s it’s critics by claiming it’s for men as well. To the detriment of feminism we still live in a society where we can destroy threats to liberalism and our freedoms with fact and reason. Seeing feminism falling off the edge of a cliff makes me feel proud to be a man. Love women hate feminism.

        • BASTA!

          Currently a feminist “bad apple”, one who said that “women have always been the primary victims of war” (probably the most misandrist statement uttered in the 21st century) is running for POTUS with good chance of winning. Want feminism to be associated with “good apples” like you? Run for president and win. Then we will talk. Until then Hillary Clinton represents feminism to me, and you don’t count. Deal with it.

        • Assjacket

          You didn’t post any “statics” (statistics?) though, only conjecture. And the *majority* of today’s feminists are indeed very hateful and warped. It’s the “good apples” in feminism that are the minority, not the “bad apples”. And the good apples are simply very misinformed about what the rest of their ideology is really doing.

          One could argue that the point of feminism is incredibly moot in a country where women already have more social and legal rights than men do.

        • Paul

          Please give me some links to good feminists in the media, academia, politics (who don’t spout anti-male drivel, don’t complain about having to take responsibility for their own choices).

          I’ll give you a couple to start with. Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia.

          Now for the bad ones, Jessica Valenti, Jess Zimmerman, Amanda Marcotte, Polly Toynbee, Clementine Ford, I’m sure others can list dozens more.

          Those people define your movement, not you, AFAIK you’re a nobody, just like me. They’re the ones that have the power and voice to tell the world what feminism is and they’re DROWNING you out.

          You repeat the drivel that they spout, wage gap (debunked), rape statistics (grossly exaggerated), domestic violence (hide female violence both towards men and other women). They feed off you and people like you that are too brainwashed or afraid to speak against them.

          If you want to change anti-feminists’ minds, most of whom have formed their opinion based on their own personal interaction with feminists, then you need to fix feminists. You need to get them to behave according to the dictionary definition.

          As it is coming here and lecturing us on why our experiences and opinion’s are wrong simply reinforce our perceptions that feminists are not interested in listening to criticism, or alternative viewpoints, or facts that contradict their position and are only interested in stopping that criticism. You’re a patsy for all those people that make money, lots of money, billions of dollars, off feminism.

          If you fight for gays you’re not doing it as a feminist because feminism, by dictionary definition, is only concerned with women’s rights (you have more than men by the way), not gays’ rights. You can of course fight for lesbian’s rights as a feminist. If you fight for gays’ rights you’re doing it as a humanist not a feminist.

          If you’re a humanist then the feminist part is redundant, superfluous, unnecessary. So, why do you cling to that outdated term?

          I suspect the following quote explains it.

          “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell

          You don’t actually want equality because you don’t want to be treated as badly as men. You know that feminism isn’t about getting women equal rights to men (as I said you already have more), it’s just a special interest group for feminists aimed at getting feminists as much as they can.

    • Nickel

      “Our religion is about peace”, “our movment is for everyone…”

    • Kurt Cook

      If feminism is for everyone, when was the last time a feminist stood up for a man falsely accused of rape?

      • Chelsea

        Feminists do stand up for men who are victims. I’m not talking about those ‘feminists’ who hate men. But standing up for victimized men is part of wanting equity for both sexes. With that said, the number of false rape accusations is very small. Men are more often victims of a biased judicial system (often regarding domestic abuse cases), sexual assault including coercion and rape, and most commonly, are victims of the patriarchy telling them that they are weak and attacking their self-worth if they do not emotionally cripple themselves. Men who show any emotion other than anger, have their ‘manliness’ questioned, and told they are weak, resulting in unhealthy amounts of stress and repressed emotions over time. Men and women should have the same rights to not be discriminated against due to their gender.

      • Wade Jordan

        Answer: never.

    • GuestyGuest

      Ah, the No True Scotsman fallacy. The #1 defense of any and all critiques of feminism. No matter how many hundreds of feminists you point out that behave in the way accused of, no matter how you can tie it to the very peak feminist organizations like NOW and FEMEN, to the most revered feminist authors and icons like Steinem, Greer, Dworkin that are still routinely taught and revered in Women’s Studies classes and asked to come and speak, who are still given awards in feminist circles…or the new icons like Lacey Green, Sarkeesian, etc the problem is still somehow ‘not feminism’, right? ;-) We’re all just mistaken. If something can be tied to 90% of the government, maybe it’s not the citizens that are delusional. Same with feminism. If something can be tied to pretty much every professional feminist organization and icon maybe it’s not that people are wrong maybe it’s that there really is a problem within your beliefs and organization.

    • Aaron Michaux

      Well, North Korea is a democratic republic. It’s in the definition, silly! Instead of closing your ears to critics, why not try to figure out why many people are saying that feminism has deep problems.

    • Alyx Spacer

      Definitions don’t matter if that’s not what feminists actually do, if you really cared about rights for everybody, (which that’s what feminism has tried to become ,an all- encompassing, hard to talk bad about term, not just gender rights, but LGBTQ, and racially charged rights, which doesnt make sense based off its term, does it?), that REAL term that actually makes sense, is egalitarianism.

  • Jose Rosario

    Excellent, concise and structured article. I loved it #patros

  • Ivan Martinis

    Feminism is an ideology constructed upon a lie. What feminists say and what they actually do, do not fit into the compromise of equality. Feminism is not just, it is hypocritical full of double standards, it´s only about female privileges and bring a lot of social injustice and harm into society. I am tired of hearing: “stop violence against women!” Yes, only the violence against women is important. Wouldn´t it be a more effective and important to stop or decrease violence in general? What feminism has done to stop violence against children and man? We all know 2/3 of child abuse and death is caused by women. Feminism and feminists, in general, don´t say a word about it. I have no respect for such a movement that promotes lots of social injustices and make blind eyes about male issues too. A movement that promote sexism, misandric behavior and it´s not about quality, it´s about female privilege. Feminism has failed disgracefully! Feminism is is garbage.

  • Honey Halliwell

    A lot of humanists identify as feminists, which is kindof sad, because they mean well and the movement has been taken over by radicals. I think I’d cut and run myself and identify as a humanist.

  • Giada

    i define myself as a feminist but i don’t agree with the way modern feminism movement is here described. i do NOT hate men at all, i ALWAYS appreciate a “gentleman” and i am MYSELF a cis-normative white person! i stand for women rights and i stand for human rights in general. feminism movement still exists for the underpayed women, for the victims (and i can’t find any other word to say it) of infibulation, for the many women victims (again) of rape. and modern feminism still exists for gender roles too, and i’m not only talking about the slut-shaming and women-are-dumb stuff, but i’m also talking about the idea that a man has to be the strong and fearless character. i guess what you’re opposing to is feminAZism, which, i do agree, is as bad as meninism, even if i’m sure that male oppression is still not a thing. i’m not trying to say that only women can be victims, but i think that male oppression is like reverse racism. i want to end making clear that i don’t feel like a victim, but as a woman and as a human being, i think i have the duty to stand for women AND human – men included – rights.

    • Alyx Spacer

      Good, this is good, but i would suggest shedding the label of feminist if that’s what you believe, egalitarianism is where it’s at in first world countries.

      • Nevoigt

        I would have to agree. Feminism has at this point become so vocally toxic that to claim allegiance to in a “good” way is akin to saying: yes you were a national socialist but not one of the “bad” ones, only one of those good autobahn building, sending kids to youth summer camp ones.

  • Alex Chaudhari

    Feminism is cancer. End of story.

  • Katalina Bürger

    If feminism truly was for everyone as they claim, it wouldn’t be called “feminism”, It’d just be called ” humanism and/or egalitarianism”, depending on your view of religion/atheism.

    When the movement first started it was for women, so they could be on an equal footing with men. Women in the western world now are on an equal footing. So it should be rebranded as “humanism and/or egalitarianism.”

    The fight has been won in the west, yet you DO NOT see any of these women fighting on the behalf of truly oppressed women and young girls in the third world.

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