The FCC and the Cable Industry [Infograph]

Thanks to the change in technology, cable broadcast companies are no longer the only ones able to stream TV programs and shows.

With the rise of internet companies like Hulu and Netflix you’re able to watch TV shows on your computer. All through an internet connection.

This is changing the game of TV programming.

It’s also changing how regulatory bodies like the FCC treat the industry.

Should they reform codes to accept new standards? Or should they keep up their monopolistic barriers to keep cable and satellite companies alive?

Here’s an infograph I put together explaining the situation and why the FCC should get out of the industry (before they create more problems).

the FCC and opening up the cable industry


If you have any questions about the FCC’s debate over the issue let me know in the comments below (or, if you’re apart of The Informers, you can hit “reply”).

What do you think the FCC should do? Is Tom Wheeler’s proposal justified and the right course of action? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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