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It’s hard to find worthwhile political articles on the web.

Unless you want to commit to following fifty different sites and scanning through them hourly, you’re bound to miss a lot.

You’re bound to miss a lot of articles that’ll make you think, or dispel political myths.

This is what The Courier will try to accomplish.

I don’t have time to write articles out every cool and mind altering subject I come across. But I do have time to put some links and descriptions together for you.

That’s what this is.

I’ll be sending out a regular post once a week, I call it The Courier. It’s a collection of politically-themed pieces I found interesting throughout the week.

As this goes on, what’s included will be refined and polished.

Check out the seven articles for this week below. And sign up to my mailing list to get this post every time it comes out at the end of the article.


Witches, Meaning, & Vengeance

“The purpose of the concept of witchcraft, in other words, was not to explain the world in a physical sense but to give people a way to act on the world in a social sense — to avenge otherwise anonymous harms. It may be that the theater of modern democratic politics serves a similar symbolic function.”

The idea of the political boogieman isn’t new, but it doesn’t get much coverage. If you want to understand a little better the mindset behind the attractiveness of political boogiemen, you should check out this piece.

Read it all here.

Upgrading The Way We Vote

“…advocates of this new method praise the emergent improvements in voter turnout and safeguards, and the decreased costs from eliminating poll workers. Since Oregon first implemented all-mail voting, they’ve ranked as a national leader in voter turnout. After Washington made the change, their turnout improved to 13th best in 2012, up from 15th in 2008.”

Voter corruption, mismanagement, and priming have routinely plagued our voting system. But what if we could bring our voting system into the 21st century, simultaneously eliminating those issues?

Read it all here.

Support for Trump Reaches Across all Factors, Except for This

“Authoritarianism and a hybrid variable that links authoritarianism with a personal fear of terrorism were the only two variables that predicted, with statistical significance, support for Trump. Put simply, Trump won South Carolina because of the overwhelming, unyielding support of authoritarian voters.”

The thing is, Trump supporters are not mostly white evangelicals. His supporters cut across all factors of race, religion, and class. What connects them all is their authoritarian behavior. It’s highlights the basic message that Trump is pushing (one of fear), and what kind of people identify with Trump the most.

Read it all here.

Did Money Really Originate From Bartering? Probably Not

“Graeber asserts that the barter myth implies humans have always had a sort of quid pro quo, exchange-based mentality, since barter is just a less efficient version of money. But if you consider that other, completely different systems existed, then money starts to look like less of a natural outgrowth of human nature, and more of a choice.”

Every economic textbook has told you that money originated out of bartering. But is that true? This article claims that no evidence has been found to support that hypothesis. Regardless, it’s an interesting viewpoint into the origination of money, and possibly the power of debt in society.

Read it all here.

What’s the Biggest Killer of Americans Overseas? It’s Probably not What You Think

“One under-appreciated cause of death abroad is drowning. The registry records 1,320 drownings, including many examples of multiple drownings. Costa Rica, perceived as a peaceful place that offers just the right amount of adrenaline, has had 101 American drownings since the registry first began in October 2002. Mexico has had the most, with 355 drownings. However, the number of American visitors to Mexico is the greatest of any country, with 25.9 million Americans visiting in 2014…”

I’ve already addressed the misconceptions about how likely you are to die from terrorist attacks. So the obvious next step is to address overseas American deaths. Let’s just say drowning is high up there, as are car deaths (not surprising, huh?).

Read it all here.

American Factories are Making a Comeback

“There’s a love affair happening with an unlikely type of real estate: America’s empty factories and warehouses. Many U.S. companies, which had moved their operations overseas to keep costs down, are coming back home to be closer to their customers. On the flip side, foreign companies are also shifting some production to the U.S. to be more competitive and grow their U.S. market.”

Things are never as bad as you think, hence the buying up of American factories. The companies that are doing this make up a whole host of industries and products (my favorite one being the cannabis grower).

Read it all here.

Europe is Joining the #AgainstTrump Bandwagon

“A Trump presidency would thus make Bush’s term in office look like “a period of intense cooperation,” said Philippe Lamberts, a Green Party member of European Parliament.

Under the Obama presidency, Europeans got a first taste of what a U.S. retreat from its traditional role might resemble…America’s disengagement and now Trump’s ascendance has come at one of the most difficult periods in Europe’s post-war history.”

If you’re a nation worth its weight, you’ll be interested in the American presidential elections. It affects both diplomacy and foreign policy. Europeans are watching 2016’s election, and their freaking out too. Kinda makes me feel better.

Read it all here.


And that’s it for the first issue of The Courier.

I’ll see you next week with another issue.

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