The Battle Against Margarine

legislature whims of the public

Americans have an unhealthy view of their government.

To them, it’s a quick fix, a bandage to stop the bleeding.

This quick fix usually manifests itself through legislation and the regulations that result from it.

But these quick fixes rarely resolve anything.

Most of the time, a “quick fix” leads to cronyism later on down the road.

This is the case with the ban on margarine in Wisconsin.

Yes, that’s right. Wisconsin has a ban on margarine. Specifically margarine served in restaurants.

This 48 year old law makes it illegal for restaurants to serve margarine to their customers, therefore forcing them to serve butter instead.

The law was passed back in the 1967; the same year when Wisconsin’s ban on selling margarine was repealed.

Somehow, it made sense to repeal the ban on margarine sales, but force restaurants to not serve it.

The original ban emerged out of the dairy industry. As bans of these type always go, the dairy industry felt threatened by margarine. They lobbied, ultimately getting the sale of it banned.

This was in 1895.

For 72 years that ban remained.

This is how dangerous regulations can be.

In a legislature that bends to whims of the public, no one is safe. (click to tweet)

Markets don’t function properly if they’re constantly messed with. Individuals don’t aspire for more when there’s uncertainty. Innovation doesn’t happen when barriers are set up.

What was the goal of the margarine ban?

To help an entrenched dairy industry. To curtail competition.

It was patronage.

It was the state giving privileges to a specific group.

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s email, privilege is a form of oppression.

It’s antithetical to freedom.

3 Antonyms of Freedom

Consumers have a right to buy what they want.

Consumers have a right to eat what they want.

Businessmen have a right to serve what they want.

Businessmen have a right to run their business the way they want to.

Once you start messing with those rights, you start restricting your neighbors’ freedom.

Your neighbor, not you, has control over how they live their life. (click to tweet)

It’s called life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s bigger than you, it’s bigger than me, and it’s bigger than the Declaration of Independence.

It’s why I believe people are best when they are free to live their lives.

In the long run, that margarine ban got lost in the annals of history.

It didn’t help anyone. I highly doubt it helped the dairy farmers.

All it did was stress out the lives of Wisconsin residents who wanted margarine (driving across state lines can be annoying).

You know what really makes an impact? Civil rights issues, equality under the law, exterminating corruption and cronyism, and creating a free market environment.

Or, how about making people’s lives easier by removing frustrating laws and taxes?

Free Markets, personal freedom, limited governments…they’re all about making people’s lives better. Making their lives easier.

If you want to improve the livelihood of your family, friends, and neighbors, Freedom is where it’s at.

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