Logan Paul: First World Problem Child

“My goal with my content is always to entertain, to push the boundaries, to be all inclusive,” Logan Paul, YouTube star, said in his recent apology video, “in almost everything I do, the intent is never to be heartless, cruel, or malicious. Like I said, I made a huge mistake.” With watery eyes, a quiet […]

Video: The Backfire Effect

My latest video on what the backfire effect is and how it relates to you, and your political interactions. Be sure to watch, like, and share it! And subscribe to my channel on YouTube. You can read the original piece here.

Video: Randomly Talking To Democrats

A while ago, I got to talk to some democrats at my county fair. It was a great experience that left me encouraged for the future of political discussion. And today, I talk about that interaction in this week’s video. Please subscribe to my channel, like the video, and share it. Original article here.

VIDEO: How To Craft A Message

The first official video of my new YouTube series. This week’s it’s on how to craft the right message. You can use this to relate ideas and policies to others, and address issues effectively. I’ll be doing these videos at least once a week, so subscribe to my channel to get notified when a new […]

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