Bottom Line in the Greek Crisis is Welfare Kills the Economy

Greece is the uncle that can never get his life together. He’s always doing the same things that lead to failure. When hard times hit, instead of making tough decisions, he runs back to his all too welcoming family. And, they give him the money to survive. He gets back on his feet. But eventually […]

What is the Social Justice Agenda? (Part 2 of the Evangelical Leadership Summit)

The phrase “social justice” brings up a lot of bad connotations. You’ve got the social justice warriors on twitter (God bless their pee-pickin’ hearts). You’ve got that whole redistribution of wealth worldview. And, you’ve got every irritating personality trait imaginable. Yeah, social justice doesn’t have a good history. But, have you tried to push your […]

Here’s Why Marijuana Shouldn’t be Legalized…Yet

I’ve never understood why the legalization of marijuana was (and still is) such a big deal. When you look at the nation as a whole, there’s a lot more to worry about than weather pot heads can buy their “high” without getting arrested. Regardless of that fact, I’m a Capitalist. I’m the guy who doesn’t […]

The Afterlife is a Great Place if You’re a Welfare Recipient (or, How Incompetence is Leading the Nation)

Forget Christianity, Buddha, and those obnoxious Egyptian gods. There’s a better afterlife out there, and it all comes from a government check. Imagine, getting paid even after your unfortunate passing. The checks will build up, and you’ll be rich! And it’s all possible thanks to the government. That’s right folks. The Government’s new policy of […]

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