#NeverTrump & The Fight Against Collectivist Party Politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being told a party owns my loyalty, or the loyalty of other Americans. Ever since Trump beat out what many of us thought would be the future of the GOP party, I’ve been hearing this collectivist rhetoric throughout the Republican Party. “Make sure Hillary […]

Apathy will only Make Things Worse (Focus on Gradual Change Instead)

It’s coming. Voting season that is. The presidential election is fast approaching, candidates are throwing their hats into the ring, and the typical presidential banter is starting up. The hashtags are out and about, mocking candidates in every conceivable way. The pessimists are out too. And man, are they at full strength. It’s the same […]

Suck it Up, Stop Crying, and Pull on Your Big Boy Pants, Because Fear Needs to be Stopped

Note: Now that spring break is over (for me at least), let’s get back into it! I’ve got some nifty articles coming your way soon (plus a Ukraine one I’m sure you’ll enjoy). So you think the NSA is sifting through your emails and phone records? The CIA is killing off informants and silencing critics? […]

Voter Haters

Man, this one was fun to write. Never was a big fan of “voter haters.” You can read it here: thepoliticalinformer.com/myths-about-voting #voting #myths #writing Published via Pressgram

6 Myths About Voting That Romantics, Haters and Losers Shove in Your Face (&, How to Break Through the Lies and Claim Your Power)

Let me ask you this one question. Do you vote? Do you vote in your local, state and national elections? If you said “yes” then what comes next is going to be a sigh of relief (and a whole lot of encouragement). If you said “no”, then you’re going to get a little ticked off […]

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