Illustrating The Racial Breakdown of Crime Stats Is Irrelevant

There’s nothing better (for me, personally) than having my assumptions challenged, and running into new ways of thinking about the issues. This is one of those times. This time, I had the privilege of coming across T. Greg Doucette’s twitterstorm on the irrelevance of demographic breakdown of crime stats. More specifically, how wrong the assumptions pulled […]


In an age of increased sensitivity to vitriolic speech, it should be no surprise that such behavior becomes less and less accepted. People who engage in childish taunting and ad hominem attacks will increasingly be dealt with. Again, no surprise. Regardless of what you think of the “triggered” “safe-space” crowd, there’s one thing that’s true. […]

Baking Cakes is Bigoted But Slaughtering Gays Isn’t? Explained

On Twitter Katie Pavlich (and almost every other conservative) voiced what she thought was an apparent lack of logic in the left’s reactions to homophobia. Ah, Christians not baking cakes is bigoted but an Islamic terrorist slaughtering gays is about need for gun control. Got it. — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 12, 2016 Apparently, if […]

Feminists Hate Her, Republicans Love Her: Interview with Hannah Cowan, the Future President of the United States

Note: This is the first in a series of interviews where different men and women share their stories on how they became politically informed. All of these people I know in some form or another. I can’t stress how beneficial it would be for you to follow and get to know them. So, do it […]

8 Tell Tale Signs that You Should Troll that Guy on Twitter

Have you experienced this on twitter before? You tweet a short political thought. Nothing crazy or highly controversial, just a thought you had that day. The next thing you know you’re being flooded replies from some random twitter user. “What the heck, man? Where did you even come from?” Been there, done that. It’s sometimes […]

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