The Cultural Wars, Explained

The group that fights against “X” instead of for “Y” ultimately loses. Anytime your cause is characterized by opposition to a position, or reactionism (think anti-abortion vs. pro-life), it will be less palatable to the people you’re trying to convince. It makes it sound like your movement is overtly critical or backward, implying right off […]

Podcast Guest On The Stephen Perkins Program & American Crossroads

I’ve been busy these two weeks, not only with moving to Washington DC (officially moved in by the way), but I’ve also been on two podcasts the past week. So…if you’d like a break from all the writing, here’s some audio for your day. ~~~ Stephen Perkins is starting up his podcast again. He had […]

Conservatives, Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong With The Transgender Issue

I have no idea how conservatives expect to win Americans over when they say things like this… “Transgenderism denies basic biology. Awarding such a delusion is absurd.” “Facts trump feelings. Feelings change often. Your DNA is stubborn and doesn’t care about your feelings.” “Transgenderism is a mental illness.” I get it, you’re sick of feely-touchy […]

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