17 Tips for a Politically Open Mind

Why are you attacked so much on social media for your political leanings? I’m guessing you think it’s because of your “tell the truth regardless of what happens” attitude. Or maybe because of your hardcore political beliefs. Or it could just be because the left is so intolerant and mean to the right. That could […]

“The Person Politics Needs More of:” Interview with Jordan Pellerito

Note: This is a part of a series of interviews where different men and women share their stories on how they became politically informed. All of these people I know in some form or another. I can’t stress how beneficial it would be for you to follow and get to know them. So, do it […]

Will You Be A Puppet?

I hate it when this happens. I hate it so much. I hate it with all my being. Imagine yourself graduating from college. You’ve succeeded, you’ve gotten good grades, you’ve educated yourself. You did it. After the ceremony ends and you pick up your graduation cap, you go about the difficult task of finding a […]

Why do You Hate Her?… “Because I don’t Agree With Her”

Let me ask you a question. Do you hate someone? Like really hate them? If you do hate someone, could you tell me why? Is it because they hurt you? Or, maybe they broke your trust, friendship or marriage. Whatever the reason is, I hope you don’t hate them for the reasons this one guy […]

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