How A Leftwing Feminist Spread Anti-Capitalist Views Through The World’s Most Popular Board Game

Imagine the moment when you realize that a leftwing feminist has successfully injected anti-capitalist views into your culture, via an unassuming household staple. And you’re just sitting there like, “I wanna do that.” That’s how I felt reading about the original creator of what is today known as Monopoly. Yes, I’m talking about the famous […]

The Left Cares About People Too

“If the left really cared about Americans, they wouldn’t push for socialist policies.” Another half-assed comment. Filled with assumptions, generalizations, and lacking any personal knowledge of why this particular group of Americans pushes for such policies. This makes me face-palm, numerous times a day. Conservatives, libertarians, republicans, they all do this. Heck, I’ve done it. […]

The Liberal and Choice

As with everything in politics, the Left tends to trick themselves into thinking that they’re pro-choice. I’m not talking about abortion, though that is a part of it. I’m talking about your choice in Obamacare. Your choice in getting a fountain drink. Your choice of what to eat. Your choice to be generous. It seems […]

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