The Minimum Wage Movement will Die by Its Own Hands

One of my roommates from college used to work for McDonald’s. He knew the ins and outs of the fast food restaurant. Which would really be useful when we would go to McDonald’s late at night to get a break from school (or gaming). “Don’t get the double cheese burger,” he would say, “The only […]

San Francisco has Really Screwed Themselves this Time

A city needs housing, especially if it’s growing. That’s just how it works. No housing equals no incentive for individuals to come fill jobs, which means no growth. No housing also mean the poor get screwed. If a city is in need of affordable housing you can be sure that their poor are facing increased […]

What Do Pineapples Have to Do With the Economy?

“Imagine there’s a country that only produced pineapples.” Shawn said, as he went into a hypothetical scenario in the college cafeteria. “Now, imagine that there’s only one company that makes up this nation’s economy. Everyone is employed by this company in some form or fashion.” “The entire economy is focused on this one pineapple company. […]

All You Need to Know About Supply & Demand in One SlideShow

After writing my recent article on supply and demand I decided I’d make it even simpler to understand. I’ve been wanting to try out Google Drive’s slideshow feature, so I pulled out the meat of that article and put it into a short slideshow presentation. Easy. Fast. Simple. Clear. Everything you expect from The Political […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why iPhones are so Expensive? (Here’s How You Can Understand Supply & Demand)

This is part of a series entitled, The Free Market Collection. Principles, ideas and the workings of a Free Market in a clear and concise way for your enjoyment. Click here to read more. I’ve got to admit something to you… I love iPhones! The aesthetics and operating system are what really grab my attention. […]

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