The Narrative Fallacy: Story Time for Adults

The news is a business, just like the USPS Uber, Walmart, and Starbucks. Everyone’s got to make a profit off of what they sell. And the news sells…news; specifically headlines, facts, and answers. And to sell their product, they can’t just straight up give it to you. No, they’ve got to wrap it up in […]

Debunking the Myth That “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”

Which is harder? Dealing with a group whose emotions are affecting their reasoning? Or, dealing with a group who’s in denial about how their emotions affect their reasoning? If you picked the second one, you’d be correct. The belief that your side is above the emotional rollercoaster that is intrinsically tied to the political process […]

Here’s 6 Tips from 5 Millennials on How to Effectively Reach Out to Americans

It’s always encouraging to see millennials discuss how to reach out to Americans. It’s inspiring to see them drop the confrontational style that plagues politics. Thanks to one breakout session, during CPAC 2016, I got to hear five millennials discuss how they engage with their friends, family, and coworkers. It was refreshing. Mostly because they […]

The Public School: A Collection of Short Stories

The Beginning… In the beginning, there was the politician, and the politician was power, and the power was with the politician. And there were children, being raised by their parents, and their communities. Being taught whatever their parents and the community decided was worth being taught. Some children were taught at home. Some taught in […]

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