The Rogers Adoption Curve & How You Spread New Ideas Throughout Culture

I’m no fan of farming. The agricultural dream is not my cup of tea, at all. Nor do I think raising chickens and tilling the earth is a good use of my time. This is the Information Age for crying out loud, nobody needs to be a farmer these days when it’s so easy to […]

On Cultural Change: Don’t Be a Conservative

Social change has been a topic of focus these past few months. The reasoning being, I’ve noticed how powerful social change is, and how difficult it is to stop. Society changes, our standards move, our ideas morph. This change is a tricky subject. Not because it’s complicated, but because it requires people to move past […]

Pace Layers: Why Fashion Changes Quickly & Governments Don’t

“Countries are not like financial markets. Social change cannot be executed as swiftly as credit-default swaps. You cannot sell short on social commitments and practical responsibilities.” – George Papandreou Social change is a complicated subject. Governments, filled with bureaucracies and politicians stuck in “the way things are always done” have a hard time changing even […]

Today’s Radicals are Tomorrow’s Moderates: Effects of the Overton Window

How did gay marriage advocates gain social acceptance? How did they go from radical, to acceptable, to popular, all in the span of a few decades? 20 years ago, Democrats and Republicans were in agreement on the sanctity of marriage. Now, the left is pushing the gay marriage cause with the right looking like grandparents […]

What One University of Sussex Study Tells Us About the Power of Social Change

What’s the first thing gun control activists cries do after a school shooting? You guessed it; try and pass anti-gun legislation. Gun control advocates are the worst kind of reactionists. They see a horrible tragedy occur, let emotion and passion consume them, and lobby for new laws to curb the “epidemic.” They think that bills […]

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