America’s Misplaced Faith in Political Leaders

I’ve voiced my concerns with the hero-worship of Ronald Reagan in the Republican Party in the past. CPAC 2016 was oversaturated with Ronald Reagan panels, focus, and mentions. Where’s the next Ronald Reagan, they pondered. Who will save us, they asked. But just as Ronald Reagan was idolized for what he did, Donald Trump is […]

The Backfire Effect: The More Your Beliefs Are Challenged The Stronger They Become

You’re not going to convince people they’re wrong with facts alone. It just won’t happen. In fact, you’re more likely to strengthen their beliefs by trying to convince them their wrong. Yep! That’s right. Challenging their beliefs with contradictory evidence will have the opposite effect of what you intended. It’s what’s called “The Backfire Effect.” […]

Stop Looking for Reagan, He’s Gone

Take a drink every time Reagan’s mentioned. If I did that at CPAC, I would’ve died of alcohol poisoning. I’m not kidding. Reagan was talked about that much. A panel was specifically about Reagan, with 3 or 4 others coming at issues from a “Reagan perspective.” It was insane. And telling. Conservatism is a movement, […]

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