21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Political Conversations up for Success

Talking politics with anyone is a recipe for disaster. I mean, most of us don’t want it to be, it just happens. They got angry, you came across insensitive, your friend is a jerk with no sense of civility…the possibilities are endless. A friendly political discussion is harder than asking a girl out in highschool. […]

What Happened When I Talked to Democrats at The County Fair?

Who goes to a county fair to talk to democrats? I did. Although not intentionally. Every October the fair comes into town. Funnel cake, ferris wheel, the whole shebang. So a group of us decided to go and check it out. While walking around I saw a Democratic Party table with some Hillary and Bernie […]

How to Lessen the Fear & Make Running Into Disagreement Worthwhile

“They’re a rather boisterous group.” That was my wing-mate’s description of the small Theonomist contingent on campus. It was my first semester at college. My first week. And I was already getting a lay of the college’s political landscape. I’m a political junkie. So it’s no surprise that I asked about the political makeup of […]

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