#WhiteLivesMatter Activists Make Case For #BlackLivesMatter Racism With Guns & Confederate Flags

On Sunday, WhiteLivesMatter activists gathered in front of the NAACP Houston Office to protest the organization’s failure to address BlackLivesMatter “atrocities.” Want to guess how they protested the NAACP? With guns and confederate flags. Yes, white people have done it again. They’ve bombed whatever chance they had at being heard. One of the WhiteLivesMatter members […]

Deny Legitimacy To A Group’s Plight For Long Enough & Soon All They Have Left is Violence

With all that’s happening recently with #BlackLivesMatter protests throughout the country, and the recent shootings, I thought I’d give out a little reminder on why this is happening. This isn’t the main reason why. Think of it like a caveat. When a group cries “oppression” and “injustice” while outsiders criticize and dismiss them, don’t be […]

Emmet Rensin On Critiquing The San Jose Anti-Trump Protests

Recently, protests were held at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California. Things got crazy, with eggings, flag and hat burnings, and riot police being called in. A lot has been said about the protesters and their actions. But all hell went loose when Emmet Rensin, the editor of Vox tweeted this Advice: If […]

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