The Left Cares About People Too

“If the left really cared about Americans, they wouldn’t push for socialist policies.” Another half-assed comment. Filled with assumptions, generalizations, and lacking any personal knowledge of why this particular group of Americans pushes for such policies. This makes me face-palm, numerous times a day. Conservatives, libertarians, republicans, they all do this. Heck, I’ve done it. […]

Why do You Hate Her?… “Because I don’t Agree With Her”

Let me ask you a question. Do you hate someone? Like really hate them? If you do hate someone, could you tell me why? Is it because they hurt you? Or, maybe they broke your trust, friendship or marriage. Whatever the reason is, I hope you don’t hate them for the reasons this one guy […]

Make Your Argument About People (Fight for People)

Have you ever had your house robbed before? If you have, you know how terrifying an experience it is. Your life revolves around your home. You sleep, eat, and relax in it. Home is where you raise your family, it’s where your dogs come in to rest after running around in the yard. Having someone […]

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