The Fundamentals of Having An Opinion Worth Hearing

Here’s a harsh truth… Your opinions are probably not logical. They’re probably not rational. They’re most likely irrational. And this goes for everyone. I know I’m blind to my own irrationality. It’s just what we humans do. We’re irrational. “Even intellectuals should have learned by now that objective rationality is not the default position of […]

The Backfire Effect: The More Your Beliefs Are Challenged The Stronger They Become

You’re not going to convince people they’re wrong with facts alone. It just won’t happen. In fact, you’re more likely to strengthen their beliefs by trying to convince them their wrong. Yep! That’s right. Challenging their beliefs with contradictory evidence will have the opposite effect of what you intended. It’s what’s called “The Backfire Effect.” […]

Publish Your Opinions (It’ll Refine Them)

Feedback is critical for growth. It’s no different in politics. To articulate your views, you need practice. What better way to practice then to start a blog (or podcast) and write about your political views? Through writing you’ll learn how to communicate your views, back them up, and present them properly. You’ll learn how to […]

Will You Be A Puppet?

I hate it when this happens. I hate it so much. I hate it with all my being. Imagine yourself graduating from college. You’ve succeeded, you’ve gotten good grades, you’ve educated yourself. You did it. After the ceremony ends and you pick up your graduation cap, you go about the difficult task of finding a […]

7 Words that You Need to Adopt as Your Personal Formula for Success

During the early days of my political journey, the Tea Party was moving into full gear. It was gaining traction. The Tea Party represented a return to what made American great. It represented an attack against everything that was suffocating this great nation. No more bloated government. When cartoonists start depicting the US government as […]

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