Two of My Favorite Political Statements…

“Free Community College” “It’s not a tax, it’s a user fee.” That’s gold right there. More government subsidies for the college market. It’s going to screw up more things than it helps. Yet, it’s being portrayed as something good. Even life-saving. Then there’s the gas tax hike people. Gas is cheap, so I guess it’s […]

Stop the Mudslinging: 5 Reason Why You Should Give Obama Some Respect

  You’ve probably seen these memes before. They represent a combination of atrocious Photoshop skills, overused clichés, and minuscule imaginations (not to mention IQ levels). But at the bottom of these memes is a misplaced focus. One that is currently hurting the conservative community at large, without them even knowing. Look at your social media, […]

Here’s Why You Need to Take a Tactic from the Left’s Playbook and Use Emotional Arguments to Win People Over

The Left is a master of using emotion to sway the masses to their side of any particular issue. You’ve heard their arguments before… “What about the children?” “You hate poor people!” “How can you be so mean and heartless?” Every argument is based on emotion one way or another. Every policy is judged with […]

5 Reasons Why Obama Should’ve Stopped the Media from Photographing His Official White House Duties Earlier

These days, media coverage is so overrated. Scratch that. It’s a hassle! Having to notify each media network about each specific public appearance of event is such drudgery. In fact, it’s unproductive. Why not just have your own media team cover all these events? That way, you get what you want. You want this event […]

John McCain’s Ongoing War Against Ted Cruz

John McCain has been a persistent thorn in the Republican’s side for a while now. Not only is he willing to succumb to Obama’s demands, but he’s also a reminder of the progressive side of the Republican Party. A side many would like to remove. And with this progressive side McCain has made a name […]

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