The Burkini: Please Remember This Is A Different Culture

France’s highest administrative court struck a blow against controversial ‘burkini bans’ Friday, overturning one town’s decision to prohibit the full-body swimsuit on its beaches. (NPR) Apparently, a collection of 30 municipalities have banned the Muslim swimwear from their beaches. The reasoning behind the “burkini” ban is one of secularism and preventing Islamic extremism. One mayor […]

Podcast Guest On The Stephen Perkins Program & American Crossroads

I’ve been busy these two weeks, not only with moving to Washington DC (officially moved in by the way), but I’ve also been on two podcasts the past week. So…if you’d like a break from all the writing, here’s some audio for your day. ~~~ Stephen Perkins is starting up his podcast again. He had […]

Myth: 99% of Terrorists Caught are Faked

It appears that some people still don’t get it when it comes to terrorism. Poverty and a lack of education do not cause terrorism. And the majority of terrorists are not faked. According to Trevor Aaronson’s book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” the FBI infiltrates Muslim communities to facilitate terrorist […]

Where Indonesia’s Muslims Are Headed in the Next 22 Years. And What They’re Doing to Try and Stop It.

There’s nothing more frightening than to know you’re losing control. Whether that’d be at work, in your marriage, or while playing Call of Duty: Zombies. You hate losing control. But if you’re a Muslim currently living in Indonesia, your grasp of control is slowly coming to an end. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in […]

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