Stop the Mudslinging: 5 Reason Why You Should Give Obama Some Respect

  You’ve probably seen these memes before. They represent a combination of atrocious Photoshop skills, overused clich├ęs, and minuscule imaginations (not to mention IQ levels). But at the bottom of these memes is a misplaced focus. One that is currently hurting the conservative community at large, without them even knowing. Look at your social media, […]

Georgia’s Burn Permit as Described Through Memes

The utter idiocy of Georgia’s burn policy is so clear. You should have seen me while I was researching the policy. Frustration, anger, and righteous loathing were just some of the emotions I was feeling. I’m no fan of government bureaucracy. And I bet you’re not a fan of it either. Nothing like ruining your […]

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