Hillary’s Health Isn’t An Issue, It’s A Political Gossip Game

Doctor and journalist, Celine Gounder recently wrote in The Guardian, on the issue of Clinton’s health… Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s health has been under scrutiny in recent weeks, not by medical professionals but by politicians and supposed pundits playing doctor on TV. Clinton’s personal physician, Dr Lisa Bardack, has repeatedly said: “Secretary Clinton […]

You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Hillary’s Efforts To Be “Hip”

Hillary is trying so hard to be the cool hip candidate. You can’t blame her. She lost the last election thanks to lackluster support among the youth. She’s not planning on making that mistake again. She’s been hitting up all the known youth spots. The Ellen Show, Saturday Night Live, and snapchat. Hoping to make […]

Hillary Plans on Reminding Us of the “Good Times”… What Will You Remind People of?

Let me ask you this one question… What are you reminding people of? What are you constantly telling them about? What’s the focus of your tweets, facebook statuses, Google+ posts, and blog articles? Are you focusing on specific news stories, or, are you focusing on the bigger picture? Now that you’ve answered those questions (if […]

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