To All the Cop Haters Out There…You’re Wrong

Cop Haters are a special crowd. They love throwing the baby out with the bath water. “All cops are bad,” they say, “There’s no such thing as a good cop.” It’s the ultimate dichotomy. There’s no room for improvement, accidents, or good behavior. If you’re a cop, you’re automatically one of the bad guys. At […]

The Feminist Movement is Doomed to Fail

Can you imagine not being able to vote because you’re a woman? How horrible that must be to feel like your political voice is irrelevant. You’re interested in politics, you have all these ideas and opinions on improving the system, but women don’t vote. And, sadly, you’re a women. What about owning a house? Did […]

Why do You Hate Her?… “Because I don’t Agree With Her”

Let me ask you a question. Do you hate someone? Like really hate them? If you do hate someone, could you tell me why? Is it because they hurt you? Or, maybe they broke your trust, friendship or marriage. Whatever the reason is, I hope you don’t hate them for the reasons this one guy […]

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