“Money for Nothing” & the Myth of the Free Lunch

Do you think rockers get money for nothing? Up there on the stage, performing for thousands. They have fun, the crowd loves them, and they get tons of fans. That’s got to be a great life, right? In 1985, Dire Straits wrote “Money for Nothing” about a store clerk looking at the life of a […]

Apathy will only Make Things Worse (Focus on Gradual Change Instead)

It’s coming. Voting season that is. The presidential election is fast approaching, candidates are throwing their hats into the ring, and the typical presidential banter is starting up. The hashtags are out and about, mocking candidates in every conceivable way. The pessimists are out too. And man, are they at full strength. It’s the same […]

The Government isn’t Your Neighbor

You’ve watched The Andy Griffith Show, right? It’s one of those staple classics of TV. It never gets old. And even though I’ve watched it a million times, I still enjoy the tight knit community aspect of Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone, and people care about each other. When hard times hit Mayberry, the residents come […]

Live and Let Live, But What About Everything Else?

You remember the non-aggression principle (NAP), right? It’s the belief that any aggression against another person or their property is immoral. Think along the lines of the phrase “live and let live.” You live your life, and I’ll live mine as long as you don’t violate my person or property. It’s a simple principle with […]

Could You Do More By Not Going to College? (Opportunity Cost Explained, So You Can Get It)

I’m going to give it to you straight… Economics is so confusing. Even the smallest economic principle is a migraine away. Looking up what opportunity cost is was an adventure in itself. Wikipedia’s explanation was like reading an academic paper. In 30 seconds, you’re reaching for the nearest sharp object to stab into your head. […]

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