Which Type of Government Works Well With a Free Market System

You never hear about a free market existing in a country ruled by a monarchy. It’s just not something you run into. So, is Capitalism not compatible with a monarchy? A better question would be, are there certain forms of government that aren’t compatible with Capitalism? The answer to that question is yes. Take a […]

All You Need to Know About Supply & Demand in One SlideShow

After writing my recent article on supply and demand I decided I’d make it even simpler to understand. I’ve been wanting to try out Google Drive’s slideshow feature, so I pulled out the meat of that article and put it into a short slideshow presentation. Easy. Fast. Simple. Clear. Everything you expect from The Political […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why iPhones are so Expensive? (Here’s How You Can Understand Supply & Demand)

This is part of a series entitled, The Free Market Collection. Principles, ideas and the workings of a Free Market in a clear and concise way for your enjoyment. Click here to read more. I’ve got to admit something to you… I love iPhones! The aesthetics and operating system are what really grab my attention. […]

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife (or, The Marriage of Crony Capitalism)

This is part of a series called The Free Market Collection. Ideas, principles, and things to know about how the Free Market works. Click here to read more of the series.   Businesses thrive in a Free Market environment. Consumers (that’s you) thrive in a Free Market environment. Once the legislature passes a bill to […]

The Myth of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Monopoly and Predatory Price Cutting

This is part of a new series entitled “The Free Market Collection.” If you’ve ever wanted to better understand some of the main concepts of the Free Market then this is your chance. You might have heard about price cutting before. Maybe it was under a different name, but if you’ve lived on this earth […]

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