Getting Started with Activism: Do It Like The Feminists Did It

If one things true about movements it’s this: “One movement crazy can do the work of ten paid agents provocateurs.” Formulated by feminist, Susan Brownmiller back in the 70s, it’s a reminder of what a passionate movement can accomplish. Brownmiller framed this phrase in her book, “In Our Time: A Memoir of a Revolution.” After […]

The Personal Is Political (Feminism, Consciousness Raising, & Spreading Awareness of The Political Issues That Affect Our Lives)

Imagine numerous groups of women meeting weekly, across the United States. In groups of 8 to 12, they met to discuss the daily hustle and bustle of being a woman in the late 60s. But this wasn’t some knitting or scrapbooking club. No, this was much more serious. These discussions sparked the beginning of modern […]

1970s Feminists & Their Issues With Motherhood

I want to direct your attention to an excerpt from “Women Together, Women Alone.” A feminist book I’m currently reading (I briefly mentioned that I had bought two feminist books in my newsletter, The Informer). In this chapter, the author discusses the issues of motherhood in the 1970s and 80s Women’s Movement. Especially how Consciousness […]

The Feminist Movement is Doomed to Fail

Can you imagine not being able to vote because you’re a woman? How horrible that must be to feel like your political voice is irrelevant. You’re interested in politics, you have all these ideas and opinions on improving the system, but women don’t vote. And, sadly, you’re a women. What about owning a house? Did […]

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