Why You Gotta Be So Negative: Fortune Telling & Political Analysis

Let me guess, you think America is going to hell in a hand basket if Hillary or Trump gets elected. Where you stand on Trump decides where you stand on that question. Is Trump the worst, or is Hillary? Does America stand a chance of surviving with either of them president? I’ll give you a […]

You’re More Likely To Die From Police Brutality Than Terrorism

There’s a prevailing fear. A fear that claims terrorism is widespread. A fear that claims you’ll never know when the threat will strike, or where it’ll be. A fear that claims terrorism is a massive threat to the nation. After the Paris attacks, this fear was rampant. To the point of sickening. If it happened […]

Suck it Up, Stop Crying, and Pull on Your Big Boy Pants, Because Fear Needs to be Stopped

Note: Now that spring break is over (for me at least), let’s get back into it! I’ve got some nifty articles coming your way soon (plus a Ukraine one I’m sure you’ll enjoy). So you think the NSA is sifting through your emails and phone records? The CIA is killing off informants and silencing critics? […]

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