21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Political Conversations up for Success

Talking politics with anyone is a recipe for disaster. I mean, most of us don’t want it to be, it just happens. They got angry, you came across insensitive, your friend is a jerk with no sense of civility…the possibilities are endless. A friendly political discussion is harder than asking a girl out in highschool. […]

More Reasons Why Your Political Views Are Most Likely Illogical & Emotionally Based

We like to think we’re rational beings. We’re conservatives and libertarians for crying out loud. That’s our rallying cry. We’re the logical guys. Realistically, you and I are just as illogical and emotional as the next guy. Democrats and progressives are no more emotional than you and I are. Humans are emotional, and routinely irrational […]

17 Tips for a Politically Open Mind

Why are you attacked so much on social media for your political leanings? I’m guessing you think it’s because of your “tell the truth regardless of what happens” attitude. Or maybe because of your hardcore political beliefs. Or it could just be because the left is so intolerant and mean to the right. That could […]

No Officer, That’s Not Meth, That’s Spaghetti Sauce

Can you imagine being jailed for two months for possession of meth…that you didn’t have? Imagine driving home with one of your friends. Then a cop pulls you over for a minor traffic violation. But instead of giving your friend the ticket and moving on, the cop accuses you of possession of meth. His reasoning […]

I Read an Obama Article in the Huffington Post, Just for You

I did something I rarely do. I took the time to read an article in the Huffington Post, written by our very own president. It was an eye opener, to say the least. Why in the world would I read such an article? Well, for one, I was bored. Secondly, I follow the White House […]

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