21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Political Conversations up for Success

Talking politics with anyone is a recipe for disaster. I mean, most of us don’t want it to be, it just happens. They got angry, you came across insensitive, your friend is a jerk with no sense of civility…the possibilities are endless. A friendly political discussion is harder than asking a girl out in highschool. […]

Video: Randomly Talking To Democrats

A while ago, I got to talk to some democrats at my county fair. It was a great experience that left me encouraged for the future of political discussion. And today, I talk about that interaction in this week’s video. Please subscribe to my channel, like the video, and share it. Original article here.

Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills with 17 Tips From Carl Franklin Braun

Pittsburgh police officers are planning on boycotting Beyoncé’s concert this month, and I can’t believe these cops actually believe it’ll end well for them. Think about it: a black artist whose new single, “Formation” includes a heavy amount of “Black Lives Matter” and policy brutality imagery in it. Now throw in some cops, the majority […]

What a Conversation About Trump With Your Coworkers Should Look Like

I had a conversation with some of my co-workers about Donald Trump. I know what you’re thinking—politics in the workplace is never a safe idea. How could I have known whether I was talking to a Trump supporter or not? How did I guard what I said, so as not to blow the situation up? […]

More Reasons Why Your Political Views Are Most Likely Illogical & Emotionally Based

We like to think we’re rational beings. We’re conservatives and libertarians for crying out loud. That’s our rallying cry. We’re the logical guys. Realistically, you and I are just as illogical and emotional as the next guy. Democrats and progressives are no more emotional than you and I are. Humans are emotional, and routinely irrational […]

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