Video: Randomly Talking To Democrats

A while ago, I got to talk to some democrats at my county fair. It was a great experience that left me encouraged for the future of political discussion. And today, I talk about that interaction in this week’s video. Please subscribe to my channel, like the video, and share it. Original article here.

The Left Cares About People Too

“If the left really cared about Americans, they wouldn’t push for socialist policies.” Another half-assed comment. Filled with assumptions, generalizations, and lacking any personal knowledge of why this particular group of Americans pushes for such policies. This makes me face-palm, numerous times a day. Conservatives, libertarians, republicans, they all do this. Heck, I’ve done it. […]

What Happened When I Talked to Democrats at The County Fair?

Who goes to a county fair to talk to democrats? I did. Although not intentionally. Every October the fair comes into town. Funnel cake, ferris wheel, the whole shebang. So a group of us decided to go and check it out. While walking around I saw a Democratic Party table with some Hillary and Bernie […]

Agree on the General Principle, Stop Focusing on the Details

It’s easy to get picky with the details. The details are important, I get it. Details are important in politics. But unless you’re voting on a senate bill or the next president, it can get in the way of outreach. Think of all the conversations and debates you have had in the past year. I […]

There’s a Reason Democrats Believe What they Believe (Understand that to Win Them Over)

How do you win people over? Do you beat the preferable “bible” over their head? Do you water down and sugar coat the message? Do you relate to them? Do you use emotion and truth to win them over? Or… do you just forget the whole “win them over” strategy and go for something a […]

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