Learning & Persuasion Are Not Side Effects of Debate

Somehow debating has become a positive and healthy activity. We do it on tv, YouTube, conferences, and social media. More often than not you will here the screams of the masses calling for two adversaries to debate. Disagreement becomes a spectacle to be entertained by. What’s worse is the claims that debating improves logical thinking, […]

21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Political Conversations up for Success

Talking politics with anyone is a recipe for disaster. I mean, most of us don’t want it to be, it just happens. They got angry, you came across insensitive, your friend is a jerk with no sense of civility…the possibilities are endless. A friendly political discussion is harder than asking a girl out in highschool. […]

Dealing with Aggressive People on the Internet (& Remembering How to Avoid it Yourself)

The lack of face to face interactions these days has created the perfect breeding ground. The perfect breeding ground for unwarranted aggressiveness. The anonymous nature of the internet makes it easy to let off on people. To be a troll. To be closed minded and aggressive with those who disagree with you. It’s what’s called […]

The Power of Discussion

Camping trips are some of the best times to have deep conversations on topics that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s like the environment is structured to encourage such conservations. You’re sitting around a fire with four to six other friends. It’s relaxing. It’s calming. There’s no distractions to provide an easy escape route for the […]

Here’s Why You Need to Take a Tactic from the Left’s Playbook and Use Emotional Arguments to Win People Over

The Left is a master of using emotion to sway the masses to their side of any particular issue. You’ve heard their arguments before… “What about the children?” “You hate poor people!” “How can you be so mean and heartless?” Every argument is based on emotion one way or another. Every policy is judged with […]

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